• Maldives Visa for Indians

    Maldives Visa requirement Located in the Indian Ocean, this chain of Island attracts tourists from all over the world. Maldives is known for its secluded beaches, marine life and pleasant weather, making it an ideal holiday choice. Thanks to its perfect water temperature and idyllic waves it …Read more

  • Istanbul Visa for Indians

    Istanbul Visa for IndiansIstanbul formerly referred to as Byzantium and Constantinople, is famed for its timeless charm that owes a great deal to its rich history. Istanbul’s imperial sites, modern skyscrapers and malls makes it a perfect blend of east meets west. This populous city of Turke…Read more

  • Countries that provide e-Visa for Indians

    E Visa Electronic visa is nothing but an official legal document issued by the Immigration department that permits entry and travel in a foreign country. It can be obtained online with minimum hassle, applicants have to submit their documents and make payments online. If approve…Read more

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  • You'll be surprised to know where Sunny Leone vacations

    Sunny Leone in Dubai Celebrities are just like us. Granted their lifestyle takes place on a slightly higher scale than ours, but their needs and expectations from life are a lot like ours. They too like to spend time with their families and friends, go for an occasional dinner or a movie date…Read more