• Top 9 Hot Air Balloon Rides in India

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  • Kashmir’s First Igloo Café

    Gulmarg Kashmir’s famous snow-clad hill station, Gulmarg is attracting tourists because of its newly opened Igloo café. Yes, you heard that right. Now you don’t have to travel all the way to Switzerland, Finland or Canada to enjoy a cup of hot coffee or Kashmiri Kehwah in an Iglo…Read more

  • Nature lovers guide to Dubai

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  • Tourist to get a free discount card on arrival in Dubai

    Dubai Tourist card As if the reasons to visit Dubai, the city of happiness weren’t enough, visitors are now given a Discount card on arrival. The city is giving tourists an AL-SAADA Tourist Card, also known as the ‘Happiness Card’ that they can use during their stay in Dubai. This card of…Read more