• Umm Ali: A dessert with many variations

    Umm Ali dessert Ever tried Umm Ali? Well, it’s a delicious sweet consisting of bread pudding and baklava. A popular Egyptian dessert - it is also known as Om Ali, Oumm Ali or Omali. Interesting thing is that you’ll find many variations of Umm Ali in Sharjah. It is prepared differently i…Read more

  • Vintage Car Collection at Sharjah Museum

    Sharjah Classic Cars MuseumSharjah, the cultural capital of the UAE, is known for its culture, rich history, heritage sites and adventure sports. If you’re a history buff or an art enthusiast, you’ll love the collections housed at the various museums in Sharjah. So, all you have to do is - get you…Read more

  • The glamorous new entrant in adventure travel - Mleiha

    MleihaTucked away in Sharjah, Mleiha attracts globetrotters from across the globe. Be an adventure enthusiast, a history buff, a photographer or a stargazer, this promising haven delights all kinds of travellers. Picture this - A visit to the museum to see the artifacts which …Read more

  • Walk through the rain without getting wet in Sharjah

    Rain Room Want to experience 365 days of rain? Then, we recommend you plan a holiday to Sharjah. Tucked away in Al Majarrah Park, the Rain Room is part of the Sharjah Art Foundation Collection. Why is the ‘Rain Room’ a hit among travellers? Picture this - you’re walking through a…Read more

  • When India bagged Gold in Field Hockey

    When India bagged Gold in Field Hockey Everybody’s talking about the Bollywood movie ‘Gold’. Well, it comes at the perfect time, when we gear up to celebrate our Independence Day! In this film - Akshay Kumar plays Tapan Das, a character inspired by the Indian field hockey player - Kishan Lal. He was the capta…Read more