• The Spooky town of Al Madam in Sharjah

    Spooky town of Al Madam in SharjahDo eerie places fascinate you? Are you a dare devil who prefers uncanny destinations and love exploring them? Then, we suggest - you get your visa and make your way to the ‘Ghost Town’ of Al Madam in Sharjah. Why is this place called the ‘Ghost Town’? Al Madam is an inla…Read more

  • Bollywood Park for the Cinema Lover in You

    Bollywood Film StudiosNestled in Dubai Parks and Resort on Sheikh Zayed Road, the Bollywood Park is dedicated to Mumbai’s film industry. With Bollywood-themed rides, stage performances and entertaining live shows, this place promises you a fun-packed holiday experience. So, all you Bollywood bu…Read more

  • Obtaining a Passport got Simpler with these New Rules

    passportPlanning an international holiday? And applying for a passport? Well, then - there’s great news for you! The recent amendments made by the Ministry of External Affairs will now make it easier to get a passport. Here’s how! No need of marriage certificate According to the…Read more

  • New Visa rules for Indian passport holders

    VisaPlanning a trip abroad? Well, now is the best time for us, as many countries have relaxed visa norms for Indian passport holders. Applying for a short-term stay or a multiple-entry visa to Japan? Now, you don’t need an employment certificate or explanation letter stating…Read more

  • Umm Ali: A dessert with many variations

    Umm Ali dessert Ever tried Umm Ali? Well, it’s a delicious sweet consisting of bread pudding and baklava. A popular Egyptian dessert - it is also known as Om Ali, Oumm Ali or Omali. Interesting thing is that you’ll find many variations of Umm Ali in Sharjah. It is prepared differently i…Read more