• Are you ready for the Blood Moon?

    Blood MoonHeard about the century’s longest lunar eclipse? Well, it’s going to occur on 27th July when the moon will sit directly behind the earth, within the earth's shadow. The first phase of the eclipse will begin from 11.43 pm IST on 27th July. From 1 am on 28th July until 2.43 …Read more

  • Oman offers 10 days tourist visa

    OmanSpectacular mountain ranges, desert landscapes, glorious forts and golden dunes of Oman attract travellers from across the globe. Nestled on the Arabian Peninsula, this country is known for breathtaking wadis, turquoise waters, mind-blowing architecture and unique culture.…Read more

  • UAE offers 2 months free tourist visa for kids under 18

    UAE offers 2 months free tourist visa for kids under 18Planning a holiday with your kids? But wondering where to take them? Well, you can take them to UAE, the popular family holiday destination! You ask why? Because UAE has announced free visa for children accompanying their parents, who visit the UAE between 15th July and 15…Read more

  • The Pocket Guide to Understanding Visa

    visa Planning a foreign trip? But not sure as to how to apply for a visa? Whatever your doubts/ your queries regarding visa, we’ve got you covered. Why is a Visa needed to travel abroad? Visa is a permission granted by the foreign government allowing the holder to enter t…Read more

  • How to Travel to Mexico Without a Visa

    Mexican VisaLush rainforests, scintillating beaches, exotic pyramids, arid deserts, rugged mountains and world-class archaeological sites are the attributes that best define, Mexico. If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, here’s what you need to know. You Don’t Need a Mexican Visa if…Read more