• Why did Stephen Hawking travel to this place

    Why did Stephen Hawking travel to this placeYou might have heard the news that Stephen Hawking, the world-renowned physicist, passed away at the age of 76. The world will miss him forever. His contributions to the field of cosmology especially black holes and time travel are exceptional, right? Have you heard about…Read more

  • Pi Day or shall we say Pie Day

    Pi Day or shall we say Pie DayDo you remember pi or π? If yes, you’re brilliant! Don’t recall it clearly? Let’s take you back to your school days! π is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter; the formula is π = c/d and the decimal form is 3.14. Why March 14 Well, today - March 14, i…Read more

  • Air-conditioned Floating Market soon to open in Dubai

    Floating Market in Dubai Floating markets seems to be in trend, right? You might have heard about the recent floating market that opened in Kolkata. So, how can Dubai, the Shopper’s Paradise, not open one? Around May, before Ramadan, 17 abra-style boats will offer delightful shopping experience …Read more

  • Test your Spy Skills at Spyscape

    Spyscape Image courtesy: to be like James Bond? Then, you’ll have to plan a holiday and visit the newly opened attraction, Spyscape! Nestled in New York, this place offers interesting interactive experiences which are based on real tests given to budding …Read more

  • Floating Kitchen in Dubai will serve Burgers and more

    Salt Bay, DubaiModern architecture, high-rises, indoor ski resort, shopping malls, desert sunset and luxury experiences are the attributes that best define, Dubai. One of the favourite holiday getaways, this futuristic city never ceases to amaze us. Designed by architect Ahmed Youssef in…Read more