• Floating Kitchen in Dubai will serve Burgers and more

    Salt Bay, DubaiModern architecture, high-rises, indoor ski resort, shopping malls, desert sunset and luxury experiences are the attributes that best define, Dubai. One of the favourite holiday getaways, this futuristic city never ceases to amaze us. Designed by architect Ahmed Youssef in…Read more

  • Time to Break Travel Stereotypes

    Time to Break Travel StereotypesBored of stereotypes? Well, then - it’s high time you break free from all types of stereotypes which is sure to add excitement to your life. Heard about Shital Mahajan Rane? Yes, you’re right, this braveheart from Pune skydived wearing a Nauvari Saree, thereby setting a …Read more

  • Asia’s Cleanest Village has hundred percent literacy rate

    Asia’s Cleanest Village has hundred percent literacy rate Nestled tastefully at a distance of 100kms from Shillong, Mawlynnong fashions the idyllic persona of modernity in the most conventional, yet unconventional ways. This beautiful village of approximately 650 inhabitants is perhaps way more progressive than the most flatter…Read more

  • World's tallest hotel opens in Dubai

    Dubai-tallest-Hotel-blog Dubai does it again, and this time it’s with way more panache and glamour. The city has unlocked new heights with the world’s tallest hotel, The Gevora. Standing tall on Sheikh Zayed Road, this objet d'art resonates a rich gold façade. Earlier, the title of the World’s …Read more

  • SuperShe Island says No Entry for Men

    SuperShe Island says No Entry for MenTucked away off the coast of Finland, the SuperShe Island has taken the internet by storm. You say, why? Well, this is a female-only resort island. Yes, you heard it right! Men are not allowed here. This SuperShe concept is the brainchild of Kristina Roth who is an America…Read more