• Travel the world to see these species before they go extinct

    Spoon-billed Sandpiper, South Carolina The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness ~ John Muir People travel for various reasons. Some for adventure, some for recreation and some to explore the nature. Our planet is gifted with innumerable living beings, right? No person can ever claim t…Read more

  • 10 Most colourful towns on earth

    Vernazza, Cinque Terre 1. Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy Theme: VariousMost of the colourful towns are located near the sea. A theory that explains this polychromatic behaviour is that it helped sailors identify their homes after the prowling of the night. Stacked over a clear harbour, Vernazza …Read more

  • 7 Sacred and wealthiest temples of India

    Padmanabhaswamy Temple India, a place where spirituality radiates through the peaks of Himalayas and travels across cold winds, burning soils, cruising waters and swaying grasslands. India is a global, spiritual haven and it is well-known for its galore of divinity and deities. Whether you are…Read more

  • Malaysia holds Guinness Record for having the World's Largest Hotel

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  • A thrilling walkway clinging to a huge rock opens in Switzerland

    schilthorn thrill walk, switzerland Nestled in the much-famed Swiss Alps, lies a place which will gravitate all the adventure junkies towards it. The Schilthorn summit in the Bernese Oberland is a dramatic walkway that is a hair-raising combination of walking, climbing and crawling. The meandering walkway …Read more