• Why Bollywood loves Udaipur

    Why Bollywood loves UdaipurUdaipur aka Venice of the East is home to splendid lakes, majestic mountains and mesmerising palaces. A kaleidoscope of beautiful colours, this haven exudes romantic vibes. You’ll be enchanted by its traditional handicrafts, ethnic wear, miniature paintings and beautiful t…Read more

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  • The New Year Travel Challenge everyone's talking about

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  • This New Year, bunk office and take a vacation

    This New Year bunk office and take a vacation Remember the popular phrase ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’? It’s so apt in the case of workaholics. They don’t take time off from work and life soon becomes boring for them. If you too fall in this category, change yourself before it’s too late. This New Ye…Read more