• Niagara Falls just had a makeover

    Niagara Falls Every passing reference of the Niagara Falls calls forth to the mind an animation that is otherworldly and overwhelming; an animation of clamorously voluminous and plummeting waters, intending to join the rest that is lying and flowing in the great indecipherable chasm o…Read more

  • Which is this place

    Which is this placeTucked away in a country known for kilts, castles and bagpipes, this place was featured in the popular TV show ‘Monty Halls Great Escape’. One of its names also means - The Sanctuary. It greets its visitors with wild landscapes and a mesmerising atmosphere; one almost feel…Read more

  • Most affordable destinations for the year 2018

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  • How about an Amazon adventure

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  • These are probably the most beautiful monasteries in the world

    Georgia There is an undeniable aesthetic supremacy associated with a Monastery. The supremacy is such huge that we often find ourselves compelled to plan trips just to visit them. The monasterial charm is so regal yet simple; the happiness we experience is so pure and immediate,…Read more