• Experience the first-ever Hot Air Balloon Festival in Araku Valley

    Hot Air Balloon FestivalAraku Valley, the picturesque hill station is a popular getaway in Andhra Pradesh. From beautiful waterfalls to lush green forests to breathtaking landscapes, you’ll find them all in Araku Valley. If you haven’t visited Araku Valley yet, then here’s a chance to witness its…Read more

  • Ultimate Trip for your Happy Feet

    Two Royal PenguinsTucked away in Tasmania, Australia - the Macquarie Island is home to a large number of penguins and seals. When was this island found The Macquarie Island was discovered by Captain Frederick Hasselburgh on a sealing expedition in 1810. It was named after Colonel Lachlan Ma…Read more

  • This is possibly the best thing to do in winter

    Sariska National Park Of all the vacations we take in a year, perhaps the one we wait eagerly for is the winter vacation. Indians have some kind of an inexplicable and undying romance with the winter season, and this romance finds expression through the activities we partake during this seas…Read more

  • Why people go Ga-Ga over these places

    Nubra Valley Valleys have invariably captivated the faculty of imagination of all the creative minds. Through centuries, valleys have whipped up poetic vigour to form unparallel verses, while on the other they nursed the aching souls of readers by coming alive in the printed words in…Read more

  • Ellora Caves Mystery: Was it built by Aliens?

    Kailasa TempleNestled in Maharashtra, the Ellora Caves attract travellers from across the globe. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, these caves amaze visitors with its awe-inspiring construction. According to research, the Kailasa Temple was built using the vertical excavation method. The bu…Read more