• Where can you spot the Rainbow mountain

    Rainbow Mountain in Peru Mountain is one of the baffling attractions that the Nature has created to overwhelm mankind. When we envisage a mountain, the machine of imagination propels us to conjure up an image of an endless, large, and long range of mountains which together appear all brown to us…Read more

  • Places where Sun shines in the midnight

    Sweden As far as our formative years are concerned, we have been taught that the Sun ritually rises and sets. So we are simply not programmed to believe the otherwise - The Sun does not set! Well, much to our chagrin, there are a few places in the world where the Sun actually …Read more

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    Ancient remains of Carthage, TunisiaNestled in North Africa, Tunisia is popular for its mammoth ancient ruins, amazing wildlife and shimmering islands. Mediterranean Sea coastline fringed by palms, the Sahara Desert and beautiful mountains attract travellers to this exotic place from across the globe. Popula…Read more

  • Top 5 selfie backgrounds for a snow lover

    Canada There are possibly just a smattering of people who are not attracted to the sight of a snow-capped mountain. Watching from the window of a hotel, an endless row of rugged mountains that are draped with loads of fluffy, soft, white snow, seems like a dreamy make-believe w…Read more

  • This is where the night is most beautiful

    Beautiful Dubai It takes an illusionist’s humour to make the most of the darkness, such as the night. The sun, as it retires, leaves the world to fend for itself without a ray of its light. And then enters an empowered illusionist with his wisdom of magic, and with a swish of the wand, …Read more