• Universal Studios to open the Super Nintendo World in Japan

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  • 9 Strange facts you didn't know about Malaysia

    1. The unbelievable Sarawak Chamber Sarawak Cave Chamber Tucked away in the Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak, is the largest cave chamber in the world. Towering and intimidating, the structure is endowed with a marvellous exterior and an overwhelming interior. Its unfathomable hollow, ru…Read more

  • 5 Most beautiful beaches in India

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  • 10 After-effects of Modi’s demonetisation on travel industry

    Modi demonetisationOn the night of 8th November, Modi unexpectedly promulgated that old notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 were no more valid in the economy and new notes will be brought into circulation. The defunct Rs 500 note was replaced by a new note, while the Rs 1,000 note found no place in…Read more

  • This Fly Geyser in Nevada is man-made as well as natural. Find out how!

    Fly geyser, NevadaIn the dry arid region of Nevada, water sprouts from the middle of nowhere. The otherwise deserted terrain is blessed with a natural hot fountain known as Fly Geyser. Ironically, it is a natural wonder that later was man-made. Confused? A combination of human error and nat…Read more