• 6 Lost cities found underwater around the world

    Dwarka, India 1. Dwarka - India According to folklore, Dwarka is the home town of Lord Krishna, a placed believed to be an old wives tale, a myth, that is until the ruins were discovered 131 feet below the ocean. The ruins were found beneath the surface of modern-day Dwarka. The comple…Read more

  • There’s a huge hole underground that would fit an entire Eiffel Tower!

    Wieliczka Salt Mine Going a 1,000 feet below the earth’s surface, the Wieliczka Salt Mine is situated in the city of Kraków in southern Poland. The salt mine is so huge that the Eiffel Tower would fit into it with 3 metres still to spare. It has 100 mile-long tunnels, interspersed ove…Read more

  • Beaches around the world with pink sand. Hallucination or reality?

    Komodo island, Indonesia We’ve all seen those comic sketches, of people relaxing on the beaches. Cool glares protecting from the warm sun, a coconut in one hand filled with a delicious cocktail from which a teeny tiny umbrella pops up, with nothing but the white sand and blue water all around. N…Read more

  • Are dinosaurs coming back?

    Are dinosaurs coming back Remember watching the Jurassic Park films? Imagine, if dinosaurs were to return to our world, how would you react? Terrified, isn’t it? Though extinct, these huge creatures never fail to intrigue our curious minds. Recently, a group of Avimimus (bird-like dinosaurs) skele…Read more

  • The best time to visit Rann of Kutch is NOW!

    Rann Utsav 2016There are two different emotions: living in India, and living through India. I have been doing the former for almost 22 years of my life, and being the proud Indian that I am- I have always considered my land to be diverse, my people- distinct and my culture- rich. But lit…Read more