• Shopaholic? Perfect destination to quench your thirst is...

    Rajasthan Rajasthan! Has to be, and in case you aren’t aware of ‘the why part’, then read along.. Itinerary for Rajasthan is comprised of, apart from visits to the forts, palaces, and other things, running errands to shops. In these shops, curios that are sold like hot cakes man…Read more

  • Where will you find the most beautiful walls in the world?

    Wall 1 Of architecture when we think, our keenness involuntarily gravitates towards the walls of the edifices. In fact we make several journeys for the love of world architecture. The kind of interest, awareness as well as learning, a visit to places such relevant can hand down…Read more

  • For those who think Museum is Boring, think again!

    Teddy bear museumWondering how to make your next vacation entertaining? Well, you can try visiting the Teddy Bear Museum in South Korea. Tucked away in Seogwipo on the Jeju Island, the Teddy Bear Museum is home to interesting collection of toy bears where you can unleash the child within y…Read more

  • 6 Photos that prove Bermuda is Mysterious

    Crystal CaveBermuda Triangle - does that ring a bell? Yes, you’re right - Bermuda along with Puerto Rico and Miami form the Bermuda Triangle aka Devil’s Triangle where several airplanes and ships have vanished without trace. According to various theories, the reason behind these disap…Read more

  • Cherry Blossom Festival is the newest reason to visit Shillong

    Cherry Blossom, ShillongShillong, the breathtaking hill station of Meghalaya, is a popular getaway in Northeast India. From beautiful waterfalls to manicured gardens to splendid lakes, you’ll find them all in Shillong. If you haven’t visited Shillong yet, then here’s a chance to witness its beau…Read more