• The unique festival of Thailand called Loi Krathong

    Loi Krathong Festival of Thailand Curate experiences of sorts to make your life as large and animated as you can. Things to see and live are plenty, and exist in all parts of the world, which help to add more definition to human existence. One such element is the festivals. The human race likes to celeb…Read more

  • What’s new about Qatar visa

    Qatar visa Latest update on Qatar visa for Indians Qatar Visa on arrival will be free of cost for Indians who have a confirmed return air ticket of Qatar Airways only and a hotel confirmation in a 3 star or 4 star hotel till the new decision of visa-free stay is implemented. Abou…Read more

  • The wonderful festival of Cherry Blossom

    Cherry Blossom Each festival is endowed with a distinct personality. If there is a festival of lights, there is one that celebrates power; there is yet another that celebrates victory and again another that symbolizes hope. Coming away from the conventional bedrocks that set the tone o…Read more

  • Meet our Feathered Friends, the Ultimate Travellers

    Feathered FriendsHave you heard the saying: Become like a bird, expand your wings, learn new things and fly high as you can? If yes, you will surely find these incredible species, inspiring, right? Birds are believed to be the descendants of the extinct dinosaurs with feathers. There a…Read more

  • World’s most colourful festivals apart from Holi

    Festivals around the world A festival is the harbinger of oneness, revelry, and the auspicious. Our commonplace existence, while chomping at the bit for an approaching festival, is revivified with a fresh lease of life. Emotions grow intense over time. This is a common feeling that is shared equal…Read more