• 8 times when nature made science shut up

    8 times when nature made science shut up1. The Summer Ice Cave  In Sweden lies a small cave (rather a pit), that has been housing a puzzling geological anomaly. When it is winter in this region, the ice melts away to nothingness and in the warmest season of the year - the ice increases in volume as the temp…Read more

  • Nagaland, where the last tribe of headhunters still exist

    Headhunters, Nagaland Home to around 16 tribes, the north-eastern state of Nagaland exudes old world charm. Until recently, these dauntless tribes practised head hunting - cutting off the heads of intruders and displaying them outside their houses. The Hornbill Festival (Festival of Festivals)…Read more

  • The world's longest cruise (and probably the most expensive!)

    Oceania's Insignia cruise ship We don’t often hear of people setting off on a cruise, one that takes you around the world. As far as holidays are concerned, we Indians don’t opt for cruises and there’s a good reason for it. The biggest one being is expense. The tickets for luxury liners often cost a bo…Read more

  • 6 things you must do if you hate roller coasters

    Things to do if you hate roller coasters We’ve read your mind. We know that there is a part of you that goes numb every time you watch a little car zooming on a narrow track at an unimaginable speed, while the people on board scream at their loudest. You know you’re going to be next. You are going to sit in that…Read more

  • 7 times Burj Khalifa made global headlines

    Burj Khalifa Call it the Living Wonder or a Vertical City, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa holds a number of world records - tallest service elevator, highest occupied floor, tallest free-standing building and longest travel distance elevators. Designed by Adrian Smith, this skyscraper was insp…Read more