• 5 Most influential mothers in the world

    Mother's Day On this 14th May we will celebrate Mother’s Day. The day is dedicated to our mothers, to celebrate the fact of having them in our lives, their relentless and invaluable contribution to make our lives beautiful. Our mothers are our strength, yet, despite all that they in…Read more

  • Why should these countries top your bucket list

    Stunning places to see The intergovernmental body of BRICS comprises about 40% of the world population. The group, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, is a consortium of national economies that is touted to become a powerful block in future. Administrative heads from each…Read more

  • 10 Most extraordinary mountains in the world

    Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia Nestled in the heart of Kinabalu National Park, lies the guardian angel of the Bornean region, Mount Kinabalu. It is the region’s tallest and most dominating structure draped in a frill of surreal white clouds. Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia holds t…Read more

  • 5 Souvenirs EVERY traveller should buy

    Russian Dolls,  MoscowA great souvenir is a singular tangible memory keeper, an almost metaphysical object. It’s a good idea to buy souvenirs from every place you travel to, isn’t it? Once you’re back from the trip, it will remind you of the special moments you spent at that particular place a…Read more

  • PM Modi visits the sacred shrine of Kedarnath Temple

    Narendra Modi With the six months long winter break finally getting over, the Kedarnath Temple has opened its door to pilgrims. Our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi took this opportunity and landed at Uttarakhand aka Dev Bhoomi. Soaking in the breathtaking Himalayan vistas, he offered …Read more