10 mind-blowing images of Phuket

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    An island in the Andaman sea, Phuket has some of Thailand's most popular beaches. Its Mai Khao beach boasts of beautiful mornings and some absolutely stunning sunsets, along with sailing, kayaking and massage services. The best time to visit Phuket is the monsoon season (December - March) when there are cool breezes blowing across the island. The people are warm and friendly, and the food truly tastes as delicious as it looks! Patong town defines Phuket's nightlife with a host of cafes, clubs and massage parlours. The island combines fun and tranquility in equal measure. It's up to you what you choose!

    An old market in Phuket

    Phuket's old market lies empty as its vendors shut shops for Chinese New Year

    Raya, Phuket

    One of the oldest restaurants in Phuket -- Raya -- invites hungry travellers into its 100-year old building

    Fried Rice in Phuket

    One of Thailand's best known foods -- Fried Rice -- customized to suit vegetarian tastebuds

    Tiramisu in Phuket

    A sinfully rich Tiramisu served at one of the Marriott's many restaurants at Mai Khao beach, Phuket


    The sea forms whorls of greenish-blue as a strong wind blows over it.

    Sun set in Phuket

    A blazing sun bids adieu as it prepares to slip into the Andaman sea. At Mai Khao beach, Phuket.

    Fishermen in Phuket

    Fishermen try their luck in the waters a new day dawns.


    A Teppanyaki chef promotes his skills at a Japanese restaurant.

    Nakkerd Hills, Phuket

    The Big Buddha sits atop Nakkerd Hills in Phuket.

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    Author : Sushi Menon