10 Places that made movies more interesting

  • MynanmarWe travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls ~ Anais Nin

    What makes you decide, which place to travel to? Recommendation from friends, travel portals and social media posts, right? One of the reasons that has not been mentioned above is the places inspired by cinema. These places have also found their way into the film titles. They tell you interesting stories of the places and inspire you to see them for yourself.

    1. Place: Yangon (Myanmar), Movie: Rangoon

    Yangon, Myanmar2. Place: Goa, Movie: Go Goa Gone

    Go Goa Gone3. Place: Delhi, Movie: Delhi Belly

    Delhi4. Place: Mumbai, Movie: Once Upon a time in Mumbaai

    Once Upon a time in Mumbai5. Place: Las Vegas, Movie: What happens in Vegas

    Las Vegas6. Place: Madison County, Movie: The Bridges of Madison County

    Madison County7. Place: Casino in Monte Carlo, Movie: Monte Carlo

    Monte Carlo8. Place: Hampstead, London, Movie: Notting Hill

    Hampstead, London9. Place: Siegestor, Munich, Movie: Munich

    Munich10. Place: Rome, Movie: When in Rome


    Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur