11 Revamped Bond Movie titles inspired from The Sanskari James Bond!

  • 11 Revamped Bond Movie titles inspired from The Sansakari James Bond.

    We all love watching James Bond films, don't we? This secret agent has impressed us with his daredevil spirit, amazing cars, fantastic dialogues, loyalty towards his country. He is a traveler; his missions take him from one country to another.

    Ever wondered how would it be to have James Bond in India? Come, have a look at how the spy movies of the famous 007 flicks would be named, if they were to be made in India.

    1. The Original Title: Goldfinger

        The Indian Title: Ladyfinger

    Our Sanskari James Bond helps his mother and wife in cutting vegetables like the Ladyfinger, there is no good reason as to why wouldn’t it figure as one of the titles of his movies.

    The Sanskari James Bond

    2. The Original Title: You Only Live Twice

        The Indian Title: You Only Live Seven Times

    The Sanskari James Bond will pledge his love with the Saath Phere and vow to be loyal not once, not twice, but seven times!

    3. The Original Title: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

        The Indian Title: On His Mother’s Service Before Marriage, later Wife’s Service

    Keeping with the tradition of ‘mere pass maa hai.'

    4. The Original Title: Diamonds are Forever

        The Indian Title: Traditions are Forever

    Diamonds maybe the way to a woman’s heart, but not for the Sanskari James Bond.

    5. The Original Title:The Spy Who Loved Me

        The Indian Title: The Spy Who Not Only Loved Me But Also Married Me

    Because Marriage is a Bond of not only two individuals, but also two families.

    6. The Original Title: License to Kill

        The Indian title: Mangalsutra - License to Marry

    The Sanskari James Bond

    7. The Original Title: The World Is Not Enough

        The Indian Title: My Salary is Not Enough

    Everyman’s tale!

    8. The Original Title: Die Another Day

        The Indian Title: Fasting Every Alternate Day

    9. The Original Title: Quantum of Solace

        The Indian Title: Quantum of Sanskar

    The Sanskari James Bond

    10. The Original Title: Skyfall

          The Indian Title: Not Enough Rainfall

    Sad but true, eh?

    11.The Original Title: From Russia with Love

         The Indian Title: From Agra with Love

    A selfie at the Taj Mahal Agra is a must for the romantic hearts; and the Sanskari James Bond is no exception. Being a thorough romantic, the Sanskari James Bond will aim at impressing his love interest by whisking her off to the symbol of love of course! Woo your lady love, James bond style by booking a holiday package now!

    Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur and Roshal Mascarenhas