4 reasons to visit Dubai this New Year's Eve!

  • New Year In Dubai

    We’ve watched it in movies, and got enchanted by it all. The way the camera captures the most scenic of spots during the magical time of the turn of the new year. The moment the clocks around the world strike twelve, the universe bears a whole new aura- with firecrackers bursting in the air, friends sharing group embraces, wine glasses raised in toast for the year ahead, a host of voices saying ‘Happy New Year’ in one resounding voice (some in tune, while the others out of it, pitching new notes!). As this year inches towards welcoming another, we challenge that you will rethink your New Year plans, once you read this blog. So, get that Dubai visa right now and fly on a superb vacation. Don't worry, you can choose from among the many Dubai packages we have for you.

    1. Cruise around Palm Jumeirah: What was said to be unachievable was made into a reality by the people of Dubai. What can be a better start than taking a cruise around the icon of perseverance? With something so inspiring to start your year with, your year is sure to have a great start.

    2. Watch the Fireworks at Burj Khalifa:

    Fireworks In Dubai

    As the skies erupt in blazing colours with the onset of the new year, you can stand witness to it all. While you stand gazing at the palette of colours, ask a friend to click a photo of your silhouette. Hands down, your first photo in the new year will be the best one.

    3. Lounge at the Burj Al Arab beach area: When the clock strikes twelve, tinkle your wine glass with your loved one’s and wish each other a happy new year. Is that how you imagine bringing the new year in? Then Dubai has something to better it. Imagine doing the same in front of the most magnificent buildings of the century, with a canopy of twinkling stars? If that sounds appeasing, you need to customise your Dubai package now, and add this scenic element in it.

    4. Ride the RTA marine transport: If these aren’t enough reasons to book your flight ticket to Dubai, attractive deals on the on RTA’s marine transport facilities like the water bus, water taxi, abra and Dubai ferry to watch the fireworks, are an experience, if not a reason to visit Dubai. Since popular yacht charters in Dubai get fully booked fast, this is a good alternative to watching the light and sound spectacle from the seas. What stops you then, just explore our Dubai packages and make your New Year a wonderful one.

    Author: Roshal Mascarenhas