5 Souvenirs EVERY traveller should buy

  • Russian Dolls,  MoscowA great souvenir is a singular tangible memory keeper, an almost metaphysical object.

    It’s a good idea to buy souvenirs from every place you travel to, isn’t it? Once you’re back from the trip, it will remind you of the special moments you spent at that particular place and take you back in time.

    We’ve got you some of the interesting souvenirs that you can shop for while you satiate your wanderlust.

    1. Funny masks from Japan

    Funny Handmade Crafts Souvenirs, JapanJapan - Land of the Rising Sun is a perfect blend of modern technology and old world charm. From majestic mountains to beautiful gardens to Buddhist temples, you will fall in love with this place which has deeply rooted cultural traditions. On your holiday in Japan, you will see vendors selling fun masks. Pick your favourite character’s mask and gift it to your loved ones back.

    Why buy funny masks: It’ll always keep you smiling.

    Places to visit: Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, the shrine of Fushimi Inari Taisha, Tōdai-ji Buddhist Temple, Shinkyo Bridge, Giant Buddha statue at Kōtoku-in Temple, Hiroshima Castle, Ishigaki Island and Mount Kōya.

    Best time to visit: March to May (cherry blossom season).

    2. Dol hareubangs statues from South Korea (Jeju Island)

    Stone statue souvenir, Jeju IslandBeautiful countryside adorned with cherry and pine trees, green rice paddies and magnificent Buddhist shrines are the attributes that define South Korea. Located off the coast of South Korea, the irresistible charm of Jeju Island aka Island of Gods attracts honeymooners to this paradise. Blessed with shimmering waterfalls, sandy beaches and hiking trails, people also call it - the Hawaii of Korea.

    Why buy Dol hareubangs statues: It’s believed to boost one’s romantic life.

    Places to visit: Secret Garden at Changdeokgung Palace, Teddy Bear Museum, Jeju Island, Dongdaemun Market and Noraebang Karaoke.

    Best time to visit: September to November (autumn season)

    3. Tumi from Peru

    Peruvian Tumi souvenirsNestled in South America, Peru aka Land of the Incas is popular for its rich history. From splendid natural beauty to colonial architecture to archaeological heritage of pre-Columbian cultures, Peru tops every traveller’s bucket list. On your trip to this country, you’ll find the Peruvians hanging a tumi (ceremonial knife) on their walls for good fortune and health. You’ll find people buying tumi souvenirs from the local markets.

    Why buy Tumi: It’s believed to bless one with good health.

    Places to visit: Ancient citadel of Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Cusco Cathedral, Pyramid of Huaca Pucllana, Larco Museum and Amor Park.

    Best time to visit: May to September (Winter season).

    4. Viking Dolls from Estonia

    Wooden Viking Toys, EstoniaLocated in Northern Europe, Estonia is home to beautiful lakes, forests and islands. This country is popular for its hilltop fortresses, castles and churches. You can take a bit of Estonia back home by shopping for wooden Viking dolls.

    Why buy Viking Dolls: It’s believed to grant the spirit of perseverance.

    Places to visit: Lake Peipus, Haanja Nature Park, Kadriorg Palace, Hermann Castle, Jägala Waterfall, Tallinn Zoo and AHHAA Science Centre.

    Best time to visit: September to October (early autumn).

    5. Matryoshka dolls from Russia

    Matryoshka Dolls,  MoscowRussia, the largest country in the world, offers unforgettable experiences to the travellers. You can indulge in a trek up the slopes of glacier-capped mountains, unwind at the subtropical beaches and catch a glimpse of the famous Winter Palace during your vacation in this haven. You’ll find Matryoshka dolls aka nesting dolls dominating the Russian local markets.

    Why buy Matryoshka dolls: It’s believed to bring good luck.

    Places to visit: Lake Baikal, Golden Gate of Vladimir, the scenic town of Suzdal, Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg and Red Square of Moscow.

    Best time to visit: May to October (late spring).

    Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur