5 Spooky Castles That Will Scare The Hell Out Of You

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    But I do believe in the paranormal, that there are things our brains just can't understand ~ Art Bell

    Did you watch Conjuring 2? I bet you couldn’t sleep that night right? Exchanging horror stories on trips add excitement and adventure. Every place has an intriguing past and some continue to reflect in the present. You may have heard of old castles where paranormal activities have been reported. If you’re still confused about their existence, book your flight tickets to the below places and see it for yourself! Take a look at some of the haunted castles where the nights get creepier than you can imagine.

    1. Chillingham Castle, England

     Chillingham Castle, England

    The Pink Room of Chillingham Castle is haunted as people staying there see the ‘Blue Boy’. They witness blue flashes of light above their bed. The place was renovated and to the owner’s surprise - two bodies, a young boy and a man were found inside the wall. But still the castle till date remains haunted. Did you get goosebumps? This is just the beginning, let’s move on to the second spooky castle.

    2. Leap Castle, Ireland

     Leap Castle, Ireland

    At the Leap Castle, there is a haunted chapel famous as ‘Bloody Chapel’. Legend has it that several years ago in 1532, there lived two brothers - one was a warrior, the other a priest. The warrior brother killed his priest brother in this chapel. Not just this, people have also encountered a dark creature about the size of a sheep with a human face appearing in the castle.

    3. Dragsholm Castle, Denmark

     Dragsholm Castle, Denmark

    This castle is said to be haunted by not one or two ghosts but over a hundred ghosts. White Lady, Grey Lady and the Earl of Bothwell are the scariest spirits among all. According to the legend, White Lady was a young girl who was in love with a person who worked in the castle. When her father came to know about their love, he imprisoned his daughter in her room. Later, when the old walls were broken, the workers found a small skeleton wearing a white dress.

    4. Eltz Castle, Germany

     Eltz Castle, Germany

    One can see the ghosts of medieval knights patrolling this German castle. Adorned with rich interiors, the Mosel Forest is the perfect setting for this spooky beauty. Keep your camera handy, your picture may surprise you with a medieval knight!

    5. Brissac Castle, France

     Brissac Castle, France

    Nestled in the Loire Valley, this stylish French castle was bought by a couple, Jacques and his wife Charlotte. They say Charlotte had an extra-marital affair - she and her lover made love in the castle and one day her husband suddenly visited. The lovers died but till date, their presence is still felt in this creepy castle.

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    Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur