6 things you must do if you hate roller coasters

  • Things to do if you hate roller coasters

    We’ve read your mind. We know that there is a part of you that goes numb every time you watch a little car zooming on a narrow track at an unimaginable speed, while the people on board scream at their loudest. You know you’re going to be next. You are going to sit in that little car with a maximum of six seats, you’re going to be literally zooming at a speed that is unimaginable, and the next thing you know – you are going to be screaming at the top of your voice, while praying to a super power that it all ends fast.

    But hold on. If you are already on the most challenging ride of your life, don’t you want to make the best out of it, since you’re already half way there?

    1. Do not look at a roller coaster in motion

    Once you zero in on a roller coaster, try not looking at the way it functions as doing that will only increase your anxiety levels and make you feel dizzy and nauseous even before the ride has begun.

    2. Don’t hesitate while getting on

    In the midst of “You’re such a sissy!” or “How can you NOT like roller coasters?” or even many people excitedly chattering about how awesome the ride really is, there you are feeling small and insignificant and above all, scared till your limits. Here is precisely where you must take a deep breath and tell yourself ‘Carpe Diem!’, an old world way of saying – Seize the day. Brace yourself and get on the mean machine!

    3. Don’t mention your fear to anyone

    Once you do this there is no going back. Even if you sit amongst your most trusted buddies, you are bound to feel a little disheartened as they pull your leg, all in good taste ofcourse.

    4. Keep your eyes open

    Contrary to how anyone who hates roller coasters eventually behaves, you must remember to keep your eyes open, as knowing how the ride is going to turn and twist will make you feel safer and keep you better prepared. The old adage ‘watch where you’re going’ is perfectly in sync here.

    Things to do if you hate roller coasters

    5. Think positively

    Keeping a positive frame of mind helps in any situation, even when your feet are over your head as your little cart travels at the speed of 80 - 120 miles per hour! When the roller coaster is being driven deceivingly slow, be positive. When the roller coaster is just beginning to pick up speed, keep calm. When you feel as if your cart is going to fly off the rails at the next sharp turn, remind yourself to breathe. Most importantly, when your cart is just about to drop from a great height to a sharp fall, look at the panoramic view and try to take it all in.

    6. You are more secure on the roller coaster than off it

    Have you ever thought about how long the roller coaster has been functioning without a glitch? Let it be known to you then, that the people who have the job of working the ride, have been doing it the right way for a far longer time than you think; the rides are well-maintained on account of their high risk nature, and the people who maneuver the rides are well-trained. For example- the new motiongate theme park, the new and much awaited theme park of the Dubai Parks and Resorts, has kept the European safety standards as the benchmark to judge the safety of their in-house rides. About 1,500 staff are trained in first-aid and 150 fire wardens are deployed. Be rest assured, you are in the best hands while you get strapped into a tiny car. Lastly, brace yourself for a ride that is going to be the best of your life!

    Author : Roshal Mascarenhas