6 Travel tips to save money on your Europe trip

  • Europe tripTravel doesn't become adventure until you leave yourself behind ~ Marty Rubin

    Mesmerising landscapes, beautiful castles, blue sea, lovely weather and not to forget, Bollywood make Europe a popular holiday destination among the globetrotters.

    You’re proud of yourself for saving money for the trip and delighted to see your Schengen visa, flight tickets and Forex card. Well, you can save more bucks by following our travel tips while you savour the scenic vistas of Europe.

    1. Go for self-drive, use GPS and Google maps

    Rent a carAs soon as you land at the airport, you can rent a car. Your Indian driver’s license lets you drive in 14 countries. For instance, with a validity of minimum one year - you can use your Indian driving license in France. In addition, you’ll also need a French translated copy of your license.

    GPSYou can download an offline area on your Google map app. Along with your GPS, the map will help you with the directions to reach your destination.

    2. Make use of Free WiFi

    You can use free WiFi for WhatsApp Calling, checking your emails and messages. Coffee shops, hotels and famous landmarks are some of the Free WiFi spots where you can chat endlessly without worrying about the expense.

    3. Stay in a hostel

    HostelDon’t book your accommodation in a hotel, it’ll burn a hole in your pocket. We recommend you choose a hostel over a luxury resort or a hotel. Why spend on something where you won’t be staying too long? All you need is a comfortable bed to crash on, after your sightseeing tour.

    4. Save water and drink beer

    In most of the European countries, you’ll find water very expensive. For instance, if you’re holidaying in Czech Republic aka the beer nation - it’s advisable you go for beer since it’s much cheaper than water. Picture this - You’re savouring a chilled beer while gazing upon the exotic vistas. Can your vacation get any better?

    5. Travel by public transport

    TramEuropean cities have good public transportation. You can take a tram, metro, railway or the ferry service to explore the various attractions. So, travel like a local which will not only save your money but also your time. Try visiting offbeat places which have no entry fee, it’ll be an added bonus.

    6. Be smart, shop where Indian Rupee is stronger

    Remember it’s not a compulsion to buy souvenirs from every country, you travel to. You can save big by shopping for your loved ones from countries where Indian currency is stronger. Some of the European countries where you can indulge in a shopping spree include Hungary and Belarus.

    Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur