These 7 places look very different when covered in snow

  • Central Park, New York

    To borrow a famous phrase, winter is coming. It’s that time of the year when parts of the world get covered with a sheet of snow. Now, if you’re situated in Mumbai, or any part of South India, the concept of snow is alien to us. But for others, you know just how beautiful everything can look, when the orange autumn colours are replaced with the white of the snow.

    So we scouted the world and brought you photos of famous places under the veil of snow. So while you’re busy preparing your flight tickets, take a look at these wonders.

    1. The Eiffel tower as seen covered in a fleet of snow

    Eiffel Tower, Paris

    2. The Great wall of China, caked with snow

    Great wall of China

    3. It doesn’t often snow in Istanbul, but when it does, it just makes everything even more beautiful. The Hagia Sophia mosque

    Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

    4. A frozen Danube, with Hungarian parliament looming behind it in Budapest

    The Hungarian Parliament, Budapest

    5. The Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

    Saint Basil's Cathedral, Moscow

    6. The Colosseum in Rome looks like a remnant of a lost time covered in snow

    Coloseum, Rome Italy

    7. The usually green and vibrant Stonehenge covered with snow and frost

    Stonehenge, England

    Author : Sanjana Sule