7 Places You Need To Visit In Georgia

  • 7 Places You Need To Visit In Georgia

    “The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man”

    Far away lies a land, a place where two varied cultures come to meet, only to rush off into the blue sea, all the while being looked upon by tall mountains, the pillars of time. A forgotten land that holds the mysteries of man and nature, Georgia. Flanked by the Black sea to its west, Russia to its north and Turkey to its south, Georgia is the land that the Caucasus mountain range call as home. A beautiful country, it often finds itself caught in the crossfires of armed conflict. But there are still many reasons to book an air ticket to Georgia, and we bring you seven.

    1. Batumi

    7 Places You Need To Visit In Georgia

    Records state that Batumi was founded in the 8th century. But its history dates back further than that. Once a site of an ancient Greek colony, it has since then been a Roman fortress, and has passed through the hands of the Byzantine and Ottoman rule. A seaside city, located on the coast of the Black Sea, it is known for its unique and contemporary architecture. The best example of which being the building that looks like an upside-down white house.

    2. Tbilisi

    7 Places You Need To Visit In GeorgiaA city that has been destroyed and rebuilt 29 times, its beauty only to have been exemplified with each destruction, such is the capital city Tbilisi. The structure of the old town can still be felt in the narrow alleyways and crooked houses. Despite its turbulent history, it’s one of the most vibrant cities of Georgia, its history reflected in the sprawling structures and architecture, right from medieval, classical to soviet styles.

    3. Uplistsikhe

    7 Places You Need To Visit In Georgia

    A cave town in eastern Georgia, Uplistsikhe literally translates to “Lord’s Fortress.” One of the oldest urban settlements, it was founded in the Bronze age. Time comes to a standstill in the vast barren caves that cover the entire landscape. A mystical place, it is wrought with Pagan and Christian architecture. You’ll never see deserted rock-cut structures look as beautiful as they do in Uplistsikhe.

    4. Prometheus Caves

    7 Places You Need To Visit In Georgia

    When the Greek deity Prometheus stole fire for mankind, he incurred the wrath of Zeus and was cast down to earth, where he was doomed to die over and over again, until the end of eternity. Legend has it that this prison of his was the Prometheus Caves in Georgia. But when your prison is as beautiful as these underground caves, not many would have reasons to complain. The beautiful stalagmites, stalactites underground waters and lakes are a sight to behold.

    5. Kinchkha Waterfall and Okatse Canyon

    7 Places You Need To Visit In Georgia

    If you truly want to witness the beauty of nature that hasn’t been rearranged by the hand of man, then Kinchka waterfall is your place. The tallest waterfalls of Georgia, with blooming flowers all around, it’s nature at its best. The Martvili canyons near by add to the beauty. It also houses the Martvili monastery, built in the 7th century, that perches on top of the highest hill.

    6. Narikala Fortress

    7 Places You Need To Visit In Georgia

    A fortress that overlooks the old skyline of Tbilisi, it was built in the 4th century. Built to protect the town of Tbilisi in ancient times, today it offers breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city. The inside of the fortress is just as spectacular as the outside with frescos showing scenes from the bible, as well as the history of Georgia. Witness the fortress lit up at night, and beauty will have a new meaning.

    7. Mtskheta

    7 Places You Need To Visit In Georgia

    Mtskheta is a town that dates back as far as time. Not literally, but it has been inhabited since before 1000 BC. Once the capital of the early kingdom of Iberia, today it’s an important preserver of the ancient culture and history of Georgia. Mtskheta houses the iconic Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, a sight of pure beauty as well as the burial site of Christ’s mantle.

    Author : Sanjana Sule