8 Countries Where You Can Drive With An Indian License

  • “Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures” - Lovelle Drachman

    Road trips! Two words that equal happiness. As far as vacations go, road trips are the most fun experiences anyone can ever have. Yes, that might sound a bit partial, but that’s just the appeal of road trips. The beautiful scenery with the endless road, just you and your loved ones can be extremely exhilarating. Often in a foreign land the urge to set off on a road trip can grip you tight. As if the road is calling out to you. What do you do then? There’s always the issue of driver's license and it not being valid. But don’t worry, these are some of the countries where you can drive with your Indian driver’s license. So next time you have an urge to road trip, you know where to go. (Though you’ll have to take a flight there first and then drive around)

    1. USA

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    The great US of A lets you drive around their smooth roads on your Indian driving license. As long as your driver’s license is valid for a year and is in English, the great states have no issues opening up their roads for you. Road tripping across USA is supposed to be a great experience and one of the best locations for a Road Trip. So now that you know your driver’s license is valid you have no excuse to put this trip off. So all that's left is to get a US visa and set off.

    2. France

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    France, le pays de vin, du fromage et de la beauté is French for France a country of wine, cheese and beauty and indeed, it is. From the beautiful architecture in Paris to the laid black plains of Southern France, this country is beauty defined and the best way to experience it all is of course a road trip. If you have an Indian driver’s license, valid for a year then you can drive around France. All you need is a French translation of your license and you’re good to go.

    3. Great Britain

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    Road tripping through the British countryside with the crisp morning air is an experience out of this world. Well, this out of the world experience can be yours too. The Great Britain lets visitors and tourists drive around town on their home country’s license for a year. There’s a small catch though. You’re allowed to drive only certain vehicles; small motor vehicles and motorcycles. An added advantage, they drive on the left, just like us. You can now explore the mesmerizing streets of Britain with our Europe Tour Packages.

    4. Mauritius

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    When people say Mauritius, the first image that pops into your mind is soft sandy beaches. You don’t automatically think about a road trip. But you should, driving along the beaches of Mauritius is an exhilarating experience. Mauritius lets its tourists drive on their home driver’s license for a period of four weeks.

    5. Australia

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    This country down under is the perfect place for a road trip. New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and the Australian Capital territory let you drive on an Indian driving license. While northern territory of Australia lets your drive across against your Indian license only for three months. It’s still better than not at all. So what other reason do you need to get your Australia visa.

    6. Norway

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    This country is known for its breath taking fjords and northern lights, and now you can even drive across this land of the midnight sun. All you need is a valid driver’s license. But there’s a catch, it’s valid only for a period of three months. But who’s complaining?

    7. Germany

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    Guten Tag! Means Good day! in German, and indeed what a good day it is when you’re driving through the streets of this beautiful country. All you need is a valid Indian driver’s license and for the next six months you can cruise along the lovely roads of Germany. Make sure you keep a German translation of your license and you’ll be good to go.

    8. New Zealand

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    Imagine driving through the beautiful country of New Zealand. This can become a reality if you have a valid driver’s license. But you need to be 21 to be able to rent a car. So if you get excited about getting your license at 18 you’ll have to wait three years before you can drive through the streets of New Zealand. As long as the license is entirely in English you won’t have a problem, but if it’s not, you’ll have to keep an official approved translation with you. The driving privileges last for a year so you have ample time to road trip around New Zealand.

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