9 Awe-inspiring masterpieces from across the globe

  • Man at Work, SlovakiaCreativity is a wild mind with a disciplined eye ~ Jon Acuff

    Do you get inspired by the art and culture of different countries? Well, there are various places around the world that will blow your mind with their innovative sculptures. Each work of art tells you an interesting story and adds excitement to the monotonous life.

    We leave you with the extraordinary artworks, let your eyes do the talking. Do remember to add them to your next holiday itinerary and capture them through your lens.

    1. The bronze sculpture of Mustangs at Las Colinas, Texas

    Mustangs at Las Colinas, Texas2. Lady Buddha Da Nang in Linh Ung pagoda, Vietnam

    Lady Buddha, Vietnam3. Les Voyageurs, the unique sculpture of missing body parts, France

    Les Voyageurs, France4. Statue of Lady Justice in Frankfurt, Germany

    Statue of Lady Justice, Germany5. Hippo Square at Taipei Zoo in Taiwan

    Hippo sculpture, Taiwan6. Dol hareubangs offering protection against demons, South Korea

    Dol hareubang statue, Jeju Island7. The Unknown Bureaucrat outside the Iðnó Theatre, Iceland

    The Unknown Bureaucrat, Iceland8. Gigantic statue of Garuda Wisnu in Kerala

    Gigantic statue of Garuda Wisnu, Kerala9. The horse-head sculptures of Kelpies in Scotland

    Kelpies, Scotland

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    Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur