An interview With The Former Royal Photographer - Ehab Othman

  • Ehab Othman-The Man Behind The Lens

    We all see with our naked eyes, but there are very few who are blessed with an inner vision of seeing things differently. Photographers! They play with perspectives, they breathe life and meaning into still frames. Ehab Othman, a former photographer to the Royal family of Jordan, owes a lot of his creative learning to the experiences he garnered during that phase. However, taking a step forward to quench his inner passion for photography, he set out to become a freelance travel photographer. With a zeal to go around the globe and capture people, experiences, and the beautiful world, Ehab wakes up everyday with a quest to see the world differently, to capture something new. Beginning his journey by capturing the beautiful city of Jordan, a place you'll definitely want to take an air ticket to, here's his story, through his words. Hear him as he lets his heart out in an exclusive interview with . 

    His Majesty King Abdullah II meets with Pope Francis I

    Leeba: How different is the world through the lens?

    Ehab Othman: The world is more beautiful to me. The lens is only a tool and the image is just a proof that you were there.

    Leeba: When did the travel bug bite you?

    Ehab Othman: When I was 12 years old, I stumbled upon a photo album that my Dad had captured on film from his trip to Japan in 1983. Seeing those pictures from such a place, hooked me up instantly. And I dreamed travel ever since.

    Red Rose City, Petra-Jordan

    Leeba: What kind of a Musafir are you? A wanderer or an itinerary driven traveller?

    Ehab Othman: Definitely a wanderer! I love getting lost wherever I go. I do planning and routing sometimes. However I prefer leaving it to chances.

    Leeba: Do you have a checklist?

    Ehab Othman: Yep ! However, it’s more focused on the list of gear that I carry, different gear list for different trips.

    Mount Fuji

    Leeba: Have you fallen in love with a place even before being there?

    Ehab Othman: Japan, since I was 12, as I mentioned earlier. And 20 years later in 2014, I went to Tokyo and loved it even more.

    Leeba: What does travelling do to you? Has it changed you or your perception on life?

    Ehab Othman: Of course! When you travel a lot, you understand how different cultures are amazing and how insignificant our differences are.


    Leeba: While researching, I realised, you haven’t been to India as yet. Do you have plans?

    Ehab Othman: India is on the list for sure. I love India, and I’m planning to visit the country somewhere in 2016, hopefully.

    Leeba: The transition from a royal photographer to a freelance photographer, can I ask why?

    Ehab Othman: (Laughs). Tough Question! But the answer is pretty simple. I learnt a lot from being a photographer to the Royal Family, and it was a rich experience in all means. However, I am a nomadic soul. I need to explore, I need to see more. That passion gave birth to my new project:, a new photo agency based in Amman.


    Leeba: Any dream destination?

    Ehab Othman: Space (smiles)! North Pole too.

    Leeba: What would you pick? Beach or mountains?

    Ehab Othman: Both. However if I want to clear up my mind, I will choose beach.

    Wadi Rum Jordan

    Leeba: One travelling tip you would like to give our readers?

    Ehab Othman: Make sure to get lost in every place you visit, you never know what you will find. However, stay safe and be responsible.

    Leeba: And lastly, where are you heading next?

    Ehab Othman: Hmmm... The list is long. The next top 3 destinations on my list are: Maldives, Iceland, Mangolia.

    Image Source: Instagram/ eothman

    Interviewed by : Leeba Thomas