Travel Eat Repeat


    How can anyone explain the jitters that one gets on the night before a scheduled travel? The flutter of the butterflies, the speed of the thoughts, uncontrolled, forming an inexhaustible chain of what-if’s?

    What if my alarm doesn’t ring?

    What if my phone battery died, and I couldn’t contact my co traveller?

    What if I lost my backpack under unexplainable, mysterious circumstances?

    What if my ferry was the unlucky one, to overturn in the deep waters?

    Every little thought draining my ability to sleep, I toss and turn on the night of 1st October 2015.

    Gateway of India, Mumbai

    Like all other baseless thoughts, I resignedly woke up and carried my backpack onto the train, and then to the gateway ferry where I begin my journey to the blissful beach destination- Alibaug.

    Ferry tickets

    The fresh sea breeze is alluring to the nostrils of a city dweller, and me being the total beach bum, and an ardent admirer of beaches, I was mesmerised by the very thought of the waves tickling my toes.

    Alibaug Beach

    But, being the gold digger that I undoubtedly am, I and my trusty photographer friend wander off in a different direction. Instead of feeding our tickly toes, we head off to feed the scurrying mice who had made our tummies their playground.

    Dropping our bags in our sea facing villa, we head off on foot in directions unmarked, with only our noses and rumbling tummies playing GPS.

    Alibaug, India!

    Well, turns out using our inbuilt GPS on a hungry roaring stomach, wasn’t a good idea after all. The hunger had weakened our skills. But walking on the unmarked streets, led us to the most exciting adventure of all. I call it- Travel. Eat. Repeat.

    Alibaug India!

    Don’t let the smiling faces of the fisher folk deceive you, they have worries drowned in their brow,

    How to get through the day, having caught my fishes row by row,

    I need to grow, I need to feed,

    Not only me, but also my creed.

    A local hotel claims to serve authentic kolhapuri food

    a hotel in Alibaug

    Crisp Kolhapuri Prawns

    Can you guess this fish? HINT: This duck, doesn’t go quack.

    Bombay Duck

    This house was 80 years old, and after walking for 3-4 hours, we stumbled upon a little blue house that looked ordinary, but wasn't!

    Entrance to the house

    All this was at INR 250/- only at the little blue house.

    Dessert, anyone?

    Like any book is better than its movie edition, the actual experience of it all- walking on the narrow lanes shielded by the trees, the crisp sea breeze, the runny noses after their encounter of the palette with Kolhapuri spices.

    Every little aspect of this little town takes you on a unscheduled, surprise tour when you repeat

    A photo story by : Roshal Mascarenhas