Best Studio Apartments In Dubai

  • Best studio apartments in Dubai

    How would your home look if it was tuned into a hotel? Well, very much like a home, isn’t it? That’s what you should expect from a studio apartment. A very homely luxurious space of your own with a small kitchenette equipped with an oven, stove, toaster, refrigerator and a washing machine.

    The concept of studio apartments is slowly getting popular with Indian tourists as they prefer staying in a larger space and cooking their own food as per their liking. On my recent Dubai holiday, I stayed in one such studio apartment and totally loved the experience. For starters, studio apartments are spacious and hence cosy. You end up saving a lot on food and laundry.

    So, apply for your Dubai visa and check out these studio apartments for all budgets.

    Al Nawras

    Studio apartments in Dubai

    Al Nawras is dedicated to sophistication and style with a subtle elegance for all those on a budget. They offer one, two and three bedroom apartment suites.


    Amman Street, 19 | Opposite to NMC hospital; PO Box 88189, Dubai 88189, United Arab Emirates

    Abidos Hotel Apartment Dubailand

    Studio apartments in Dubai

    Redefining style and luxury, the Abidos Hotel Apartment Dubailand can be dubbed as ‘wonderland’. It has a luxurious dining and fitness corner to spoil you with good food and then remind you to stay in shape.


    Dubai Al Ain Road, 20/2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Al Barsha Hotel Apartments

    Studio apartments in Dubai

    If you love an over-indulging and sweet welcome, Al Barsha Hotel Apartments are for you. Located near the Sharaf DG metro, this serviced apartment ranks high on cleanliness, service and quality.

    Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai 125707, United Arab Emirates

    Lotus Hotel Apartments & Spa, Dubai Marina

    Studio apartments in Dubai

    Offering stellar views of the Dubai skyline along with the Dubai Marina, Lotus Hotel Apartments & Spa, Dubai Marina enhances your stay in Dubai. Each day is shoutout from the great Dubai skyline and mornings are a hello from the resplendent Arabian Sea.


    Dubai Marina Waterfront | Al Seba Street, 16, Dubai 172747, United Arab Emirates

    InterContinental Residence Suites, Dubai Festival City

    Studio apartments in Dubai

    Sit at your window and watch the beautiful world of Dubai pass by amidst the comfortableness of the silence. Located off the Dubai Creek, in the Dubai Festival City, InterContinental Residence Suites have a ‘character’. The hotel has luxury suites, children's pool, spa pool and a sun deck with towering views of the Dubai skyline.


    Dubai Festival City | Al Rebat Street, 2/7, Dubai 112225, United Arab Emirates

    Palazzo Versace Dubai

    Studio apartments in Dubai

    Grace (n) = a group of ballerinas syncing a pirouette

    Melody (n) = a Beethoven’s symphony

    Pleasure (n) = a sinful kiss of lover

    Liberty (n) = a decadent chocolate indulgence

    Palazzo Versace (emotion) = a fusion of grace, melody, pleasure and liberty

    Palazzo Versace is an emotion, it redefines and personifies everything that signifies elegance, luxury and style. An experience here is a historic journey through the Italian architecture and ambience.


    Culture Village, Dubai 128431, United Arab Emirates

    Author : Winnie Karnik