5 Places where you can have free city tours on just a Transit Visa

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    So many times did you encounter a transit-travel situation and wound up simply frittering away the time at the airport. Well, perhaps all this while you had no idea that you have an interesting option and it is time you become aware of it.

    There are certain countries that allow you free city tours on a transit visa. If you have to transit through any of these countries, it will be pragmatic to not miss the opportunity to explore its cities. Here is a list of the places-

    1. Utah, United States of America


    If you have a transit visa for Utah, remember you have some time at your hand that you can invest in taking small trips to explore the place. There are plenty of places in this city of Utah to explore, and hey, these are really unique in their own terms. While on one hand you can pay a visit to the world’s largest genealogical library named Family History Library, on the other hand, you may also spend some time at the Temple Square.

    2. Seoul, South Korea

    South Korea

    After you reach the Incheon International Airport, get ready for a brief period of tour in the Seoul city for a fee of just $10. You have a maximum period of five hours, which is quite enough to cover some of the most beautiful attractions here. Within this time, you can explore the stunning Korean palaces, the gold mine, temples, and many other things.

    3. Singapore


    From Little India and Chinatown to the various colonial structures you can do everything in Singapore during the transit time. You can go for city tours services to ensure that you do get to see some of the most significant places in Singapore. Finally, when in Singapore do indulge in a wee bit of shopping.

    4. Tokyo, Japan


    Another place is Tokyo and here for a transit visa fee of Rs. 50, the span of your stay is good enough. Once you have reached Japan, do not forget to try the famous Japanese Sushi. There are several airport tours that you can take for a free city-tour.

    5. Doha, Qatar


    Here is another interesting option that many of you may be unaware of - Doha. The layover period is that of 5 to 12 hours. After reaching the Hamad International Airport, you can go out on a free trip to explore the city. While touring through the Doha, do not forget to pay a visit to the Museum of Islamic Art. The only thing that you must remember in order to qualify for the trip is the fact that you have to reach Doha between 4 am to 7 am.

    So where are you flying next for your upcoming trip?

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    Author : Satarupa Hajra