The Christmas Quiz You Need To Take

  • Where should you go this Christmas

    “Deck the halls with boughs of holly, tis the season to be jolly”

    Christmas is right around the corner. You can smell the aroma of freshly baked cookies wafting through the air. The streets are decked up and despite the cold nip in the air there’s a festive warmth all around. Christmas is also the time for family bonding, vacations and spending time with your loved ones. With so many places around the world, it can get quite confusing where to go. But worry not, we’re here with a solution. So if you’re confused about which flight tickets to book and where to go for Christmas, all you need to do is take this quiz.

    Are you ready? Let’s begin the quiz.


    1. Which of these is the most comforting to you?

    Where should you go this Christmas


    (a) Gloves

    (b) Shorts

    (c) Jackets

    (d) Pyjamas


    2. Which gadget would you carry with you for travel?

    (a) DSLR

    (b) Cell phone

    (c) Laptop

    (d) PSP


    3. If you were stuck on an island, what would you do?

    Where should you go this Christmas


    4. Which of these food items appeal to you the most?

    Where should you go this Christmas


    (a) Fries, burger and pizza

    (b) No food, I’d rather drink

    (c) Kebabs, rolls, shawarma

    (d) Warm cup of coffee


    5. Which movie actor would you choose as your travel partner?

    Where should you go this Christmas


    (a) Alia Bhatt

    (b) Ranbir Kapoor

    (c) Shahrukh Khan

    (d) Alok Nath


    6. Which movies would you like to watch on a weekend?


    (a) New Years Eve

    (b) Spring Breakers

    (c) Mission Impossible

    (d) PS: I Love you


    7. Which Christmas carol do you identify with the most?

    Where should you go this Christmas?


    8. Which of these dialogues suit your personality best?

    Where should you go this Christmas?


    Know your results here!

    Mostly A’s - New York!

    You seem like someone who can brave the cold which makes New York fitting for you. Right from the streets to the tall Manhattan skyscrapers and everything in between, New York is a city that has a personality of its own. The entire city garbs the festive feels. The ball drop on New Year’s eve is one of those once in a lifetime experiences that you just can’t miss.

    Mostly B's- Ibiza

    You have a party animal within you who likes to let loose and enjoy, which makes Ibiza your destination. This is one place where the party never stops and with the time of the year being Christmas and New Years eve, you can be rest assured that the place is bustling with activity. So set off to Ibiza and explore your wild side.

    Mostly C’s : Dubai

    You seem like a person who would have the time of their lives in the serene atmosphere of Dubai, and wouldn’t mind the hullabaloo of parties once in a while. Well, Dubai is just the place for you. While it has the serenity of an angel, it knows how to groove in a party too! It’s a perfect blend of vibrancy and peace.

    Mostly D’s: Stay at home

    Well, there is a charm in staying at home for the holidays too! And the ambience of your home fits in like a glove for you. You’re a person who loves the indoors (a little too much maybe!) and there’s no shame in admitting you’re a homebody.

    Created By : Sanjana Sule  and Roshal Mascarenhas