The Ladakh Festival - A Visual Feast

  • The Ladakh Festival

    “We sit together, the mountain and me, until only the mountain remains” - Li Bai

    Nestled in Jammu and Kashmir, is the quaint little region of Ladakh. A world among nature, where we are just temporary guests, trespassing through life. Leaving behind the mountains as pillars of time, to regale our untold stories, long after we are gone. The heavenly paradise of Ladakh often comes as a respite to the troubled state of Jammu and Kashmir. There has never been a dearth of reasons to visit Ladakh, and now you can add one more to that list. The Ladakh festival which kick started on the 20th of September this year.

    The calm air of Ladakh is stirred with vibrancy and a burst of colour accompanies the white peaks and shimmering lakes. A festival organized each year by the Jammu and Kashmir tourism board, this year it takes place between 20th - 26th September. The entire region comes alive, with pomp, celebration and music being the talk of the town for the week.

    Not just the locals, but people from far and wide, flock to Ladakh to be a part of this celebration, some even booking their flight tickets months in advance. The festival kicks off with a parade through the Leh Market, with people dancing, and singing, and performing all the while.

    The Ladakh festival

    Each day sees a new kind of cultural performance taking centre stage, right from dance dramas, to traditional painting exhibitions, to handicraft exhibitions, and even a polo match. One of the highlights of the Ladakh festival, is the masked dance performance. A performance so mesmerizing, its aura of mystery, vibrancy and the bright colours entraps you into a trance like state.

    This festival provides a platform for various artists and cultures to showcase their uniqueness. After all the main objective of this festival is to bring to the forefront the lesser known, culture, tradition, and folk heritage.

    With a carnival like atmosphere and every single person in a celebratory zest, the mood is infectious. Just one day there and you’ll find yourself enjoying, wishing the six day festival would last just a little longer. Any festival is incomplete without food. The Ladakh festival is the perfect time to gorge on delicious Ladakhi food, which has a strong influence of the Tibetan flavours.

    The Ladakh Festival

    A visual treat, even the monks can’t resist this festival and are seen enjoying the tunes of flutes, cymbals and trumpets. If fun, frolic, culture and carnival is what you want to experience, then we sincerely recommend you make your way to the Ladakh Festival. It’s truly an experience of a lifetime.

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