Awesome things you must do in Japan

  • JapanNestled in East Asia, the beautiful country of Japan is known for imperial palaces, bamboo forests, snow slopes, spectacular mountains and adventure trails. From ancient shrines and splendid gardens to exotic culture and hot springs, this island nation attracts travellers from across the globe. A holiday to this haven is sure to leave you amazed.

    Here are some of the interesting things you can try on your Japan trip.

    Stay in a traditional Ryokan

    RyokanBook your accommodation in a traditional Japanese inn aka Ryokan. Enjoy your stay in these beautiful rooms that offer breathtaking vistas. The highlights of these rooms include tatami-matted flooring, traditional wooden décor with sliding doors and communal bathing.

    Swim in a wine pool

    Make your way to the Hakone Kowakien Yunessun spa resort for a unique experience. You can pamper yourself at this hot spring theme park with bath of your choice. It offers different kinds of bath which includes coffee bath, green tea bath, wine bath and many more.

    Visit the Shin-Yokohama Rāmen Museum

    All you food lovers, head to the Shin-Yokohama Rāmen Museum. Treat your eyes to the wide range of noodles and soups. Don’t miss out on the true-to-life replica of Tokyo’s Shitamachi suburb, it was this place from where the ramen craze began.

    Climb Mount Fuji

    Mt FujiMount Fuji is Japan’s tallest peak; it is famous for summit hikes. The best time to be here is from July to mid-September when the mountain is free of snow. So, brace yourself to tick off this adrenaline-pumping activity from your bucket list.

    Explore the Gion district

    Gion districtThe Gion district is home to geishas, the professional hostesses and entertainers. You can visit a traditional teahouse to experience geisha hospitality like never before.

    Enjoy Sumo wrestling

    Sumo wrestlersIf you’re interested in watching sumo wrestling, then Tokyo is the place to be. You can book your tickets online for a tournament and enjoy this traditional sport of Japan.

    Visit a Cat Café

    Love cats? Then, explore one of the cat petting cafes. Pay for the petting and get your coffee for free. This way, you get to spend good time with the cats and also get rewarded with a toothsome coffee.

    Take the Ninja training

    Ninja trainingAlways learn something interesting when you visit a new place. When in Japan, you can join a crash course to learn this art of stealth. This way, you can stay fit on your vacation whilst learning some nifty moves.

    Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur