Bengaluru to start heli-taxi service

  • Helicopter service

    The rambunctious traffic of Bengaluru is an everyday challenge for all the commuters. And needless to say, in lieu of improving, the situation is getting largely out of hand. In an attempt to introduce some kind of a palliation, Bengaluru International Airport has come out with an interesting and antidotal solution. The city will be introduced to the service of heli-taxis soon.

    Heli-taxi, or the helicopter taxi service is a unique mode of commutation wherein the commuter will be flown to the destination. The solution is a manifestation of the fact that the roads are choking with traffic. In such a case nothing more could be made out of the roads, and hence the idea.

    The Bengaluru International Airport joined hands with Thumby Aviation, which is a Kerala-based helicopter service provider, and developed this novel solution. The service is to begin from this month, December 2017.

    This is the very first and foremost helicopter taxi service in the country. The service is an answer to the question of a quick commuting between the airport and city on demand.

    Having taken a leaf from Brazil's book, this will be a ride of 15 minutes on an average. The heli-taxis will fly between the Electronic City and the Kempegowda International Airport. In fact, there are plans to expand the service in the near future by flying heli-taxis between Whitefield and the HAL airport.

    This is a wonderful attempt and an exemplary decision. For sure, the service has to keep up with good standards. The thing that now remains to be seen is how well does it go down with the fliers.

    Author : Satarupa Hajra