The Phantom Trail

  • The Phantom Trail

    Friday is known as the box office day. The day we get a new movie, a new entertainment to keep us busy on weekends. This week the movie that is laced with the task of entertaining the country is Kabir Khan’s Phantom. While the story takes a fictional turn, depicting the aftermath and handling of the delicate matters related to the 26/11 Mumbai siege, what isn’t fictional are the locations the movie was shot at. To give the story line and the action sequence an authentic feel, director Kabir Khan has chosen some beautiful real locations. From Punjab, to Beirut we bring to you the Phantom movie trail, so instead of booking a movie ticket, you’re compelled to book flight tickets to these exquisite places.

    1. Punjab

    The Phantom trail

    The first thought that pops into your head upon hearing Punjab, is the Golden Temple. While it is a well known tourist symbol, the charm of Punjab lies in it’s quaint villages, lush green fields, and the crisp winter mornings. Off the beaten track in Punjab, is the best travel trip to be on, and this is what Phantom shows you as it takes you to a lesser known village called Malerkotla.

    2. Kashmir

    The Phantom trail

    The beauty of Kashmir needs no introduction, neither does its conflict. Which is probably the reason why Kashmir features as an important location in this movie, seeing as the story line revolves around RAW agents and the army. The bitter cold climate did make it hard for the cast to shoot, but the stunning visuals of Pahalgam and Gulmarg were worth the effort. If not for anything else, you have to visit Kashmir to witness snowfall, which acts like a drape of beauty over this troubled land.

    3. London

    The Phantom trail

    Not just national, but international locations too offer up a stunning backdrop to this movie, One of which happens to be London. If you’re someone who likes royalty, riches, culture, theatre, history, art and entertainment, then London is your place. From Madame Tussauds to Buckingham palace, you can find it all in London, though probably not in the movie. For that you might have to set off to London, and our Europe tour packages will help you do that.

    4. Canada

    The Phantom trail

    This quaint country located to the north of the big United States of America is a beautiful place that should feature on everyones tourist list. If we had to place bets as to why this country was chosen as a location we’d go with it’s unique and stunning landscape. Some of the fast paced car chase sequences you’ll witness in the movie were shot in Canada. So there, some secrets have been debunked.

    5. Beirut

    The Phantom trail

    Flavours of middle east strewn across all its aspects like food, architecture and culture, such is the city of Beirut. In recent times, this capital city of Lebanon has fallen in the list of places to visit for tourists, due to conflict. If that were ever to ease up, we recommend that you move Beirut to the top of your holiday list. Till then satisfy yourself with the stunning visuals in Phantom.

    Author : Sanjana Sule