Insider’s Guide to Universal Studios

  • Guide to Universal Studios

    The Universal Studios is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining places to visit, especially if you’re someone who’s partial to theme parks and family fun. The moment you step in to the Universal studios, the entire atmosphere changes and you get sent back in time, to the days of your childhood, which was dominated by fun, rides and games. So if you’re looking for reasons to get your Singapore visa and head on down to that island country, this would definitely feature in the top 3. While Universal studios can be fun, it can also be hectic during the busy months. But worry not, we bring you cheat codes so you can have the best possible fun. Shall we begin?

    Set in a spherical set up, once you come a full circle you’ll know your job is done. Upon entering if you start from the left, you’ll enter the jungle magic of Madagascar.


     Jungle magic of Madagascar

    This theme has two rides. A merry go round, which you should totally go for if there isn’t a big queue. Admit it, the inner child in you can’t wait to hop on. From Alex, Julien, Melman, Gloria, Marty, you can pick your ride. While this attraction is mainly for the tiny tots accompanying you, it’s the Madagascar boat ride that is meant for everyone. A boat takes you through a thrilling ride. What this ride contains, I won’t reveal, you’ll just have to find out for yourself.

    Far Far Away

    Far Far Away Universal Studios

    As you enter this section of the Studios, a huge castle springs forth, marking your entry. It’s in this castle that you can enjoy the 4-D show of Shrek forever after. A simulation show that takes you and deposits you right in the middle of the action, making you feel like a character in the movie.

    Tip: To have the full 4-D experience make sure you get seats either in the first half or the back half of the theatre.

    This enclosure also has a roller coaster, which looks innocent, but let me warn you it’s not. So you might want to rethink before having your tiny tots hop on board. They also have a new attraction, Puss in boots which is a must do.

    Tip: This enclosure has the Goldilocks food area. Chalk that away in your mind for when your stomach grumbles.

    The Lost World

    Insider’s Guide to Universal Studios

    Any guesses for what this one’s about? Yup, you guessed it right, Jurassic Park. When you see massive dinosaurs standing guard at the entrance, you’ll know you’re in the right place. This has an attraction for the kids, the fly around ride. A simple ride, they’ll definitely enjoy. While the kids enjoy there, the parents can get their thrill at the Canopy Flyer. Make sure you’re wearing tight shoes, as you don’t want them sliding off when your feet dangle in the air as the roller coaster takes off. While thrilling, it’s the rapid rides that is the biggest attraction, generally with a wait time of around 40-50 mins. You’ll have to go find out why.


    Waterworld, Universal Studios

    This place has a live show organized for entertainment. Make sure you check out the show timings and find your way accordingly. This can be a wet affair and if you want to get completely drenched, then I suggest finding a bench right at the front.

    Ancient Egypt

    Ancient Egypt, Universal Studios

    Mystic world of mummies, pyramids and lost civilizations. The treasure hunter’s car ride is aimed mainly for the kids. A slow paced ride packed with visuals they are definitely going to enjoy. Once you feel soothed down by this ride you can get your adrenaline pumped up and kicking at the Revenge of the Mummy ride. The aura begins right as you meander through dingy-lit tunnels, till the actual ride. One of my most favourite rides, this is not for the faint hearted. I won’t spoil the ride for you by telling you much, but I will leave you with these parting words, it’s a roller coaster in the dark.

    Sci-Fi City

    Have you ever wanted to be a part of a high-action sci-fi movie? Have you always imagined what it would be like to be part of the Transformers movie? The 4-D transformers simulator ride is the answer to your imagination. Two more rides are enclosed here. The Cylon roller coaster is one of the most hardcore rides here. You might want to take a look at it before you embark on it.

    New York

    Diner performance, New York Universal Studios

    With diners, posh cars from the Jazz age, including the New York public library. Walking down these streets you’ll definitely feel like you’re in New York. Keep your eyes and ears open, as the diners are notorious for throwing dance and song performances. The biggest attraction here though, the Steven Spielberg theatre, which gives you an experience of what it’s like to be caught in a hurricane in New York. It is worth every minute.

    Biggest Tip: Generally there is a lot of crowd at the Universal studios and with this comes a lot of wait time for each ride. So make sure you get the Express Pass. Only limited passes are available and you’ll have to book for it in advance. This would mean no wasting time in lines at all and you’ll get to experience all of it. A few bucks extra, but it’ll save you a lot of time.

    Author : Sanjana Sule