The wonderful festival of Cherry Blossom

  • Cherry Blossom

    Each festival is endowed with a distinct personality. If there is a festival of lights, there is one that celebrates power; there is yet another that celebrates victory and again another that symbolizes hope. Coming away from the conventional bedrocks that set the tone of different world festivities, here is a unique one that is singular and aesthetically inspiring - The Cherry Blossom Festival.

    Cherry blossom flowers grow in different parts of the world, and grows rather quite rankly. Geographically, these flowers are endemic to countries that lie in the temperate zone, such as Korea, Japan, China, Canada, United States even Iran, India, and Pakistan.

    A cherry blossom blooms in clusters. There are plenty of varieties to this flower and hence one can expect variations in their colours. The sight that a cluster of cherry blossom creates is - A huge mass of pretty flowers, dangling from the overhung branches of trees, overcasting the streets below, and making the walkway quite a sight to hold and savour. As a result, over the years, its beauty has lent itself to become a reason to celebrate a festival around. There are many countries which celebrates this festival.

    Here are a few photographs from such festivals, under the title of Cherry Blossom Festival that are held proactively at different parts of the world. Make sure to holiday at least in one of these places in your entire lifetime, as and when they will be in full bloom. Here you go….

    1. France


    2. Spain


    3. South Korea

    South Korea

    4. Germany


    5. Japan


    6. Sweden


    7. United States of America

    United States of America

    Author : Satarupa Hajra