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    Over the past few years, dining habits have evolved, their tastes expanded and palates enriched. This has given rise to a new generation of diners, ones who’re looking for a wholesome experience when they step out. It’s not just the food, but the entire ambience, décor and feel that matters. These new age diners are willing to experiment. To match this increasing diner base you have restaurants cropping up with unique and interesting themes. So the next time you’re looking for something different to make your ordinary night-out extraordinary, you could visit some of these places. These restaurants and pubs are sure keeping it different.

    1. Mirchi and Mime - Powai

    Mirchi and Mime, Powai

    Supported by hearing and speech impaired wait-staff, Mirchi and Mime in Powai goes with the tagline of good food served quietly. The food here is great, there’s no doubt about that, but it’s the whole experience that sets it apart. Each item on the menu comes with not just the description and price, but also signs, which you can use to communicate with the wait-staff. It’s not everyday you get to order dinner using sign language.

    2. Doolally Taproom - Andheri and Bandra

    Doolally Taproom, Andheri and Bandra

    Famous in Pune, this microbrewery is now in Mumbai. A hip, fun, humour packed ambience is what it’s often described as. Apart from a wide array of beers and wood furnished décor, what makes it popular amongst the young and old is board games. Yes, you read that right. So gather up a bunch of your friends, pack a few board games and you can spend hours drinking and playing at Doolally.

    3. SodaBottleOpenerWala - BKC

    Soda Bottle Opener Wala, BKC

    Judging by its name you might think it can’t get more Parsi than this, but one only has to step inside to realize how wrong they can be. Right from Patrani Machi to Beri pulao to some innovative dishes like Bacon vada pav, you’ll get it all here. Serving in tin boxes and aluminium trays just adds to the appeal. The décor is absolutely spectacular and well detailed. A juke box, to a tiny toy train running across the entire restaurant, to drinks being served in jars and bottles. It’s like entering a magic factory.

    4. La Folie Lab - Bandra

    La Folie Lab, Bandra

    A lab covered in green foliage and simplistic décor, the experiments conducted here churn out the best deserts you’ve ever had. An experimental cafe, service here is peaceful and relaxed. That coupled with their all day breakfast menu of Eggs Benedict and Avocado Tartine makes it perfect for a Sunday Brunch. Rocky road, Strawberry shortbread, Caramelized Chilli Almonds, their desserts are a sinful path to gluttony.

    5. Yellow Bar All Day - Khar

    Yellow Bar All Day, Khar

    “Sunrise has shades of yellow and so do sunsets” say Timmy Narang & Mr. Nicky Bedi celebrated restaurateurs and owners of Yellow Bar All Day. An experimental concept bar, here everyday home-style cooking is brought to you in the freshest form. The alfresco and décor is such that it’ll remind you of a sunny day in Italy. You’ll find the best of European cuisine here with a blend of Mediterranean flavours. It does not get more nuanced and up scale than this.

    6. Social - Colaba, Todi Mill, Palladium, Khar


    Social gets an honorary mention on this list, because let’s face it, how can it not? Famous all over, it needs little or no introduction. Often deemed as a path breaking urban hangout location, it’s a good place for networking. Entrepreneurs looking to launch their start ups need not look beyond Social for a work station. Social has built up their own unique brand, something you’ll understand the moment you step in.

    So, heard of any more alien and quirky restaurants? Let us know and we'd be happy to feature it.

    Author : Sanjana Sule

    Photo Source : Zomato