Dubai Frame - The Biggest Attraction of this Year!

  • Dubai Frame

    The archetype of architectural genius, as we all know, is Dubai. The country is intellectually well-disposed to innovation and technology. Every year Dubai ingeniously produces baffling examples of civil construction, each qualifying for an exemplary wedlock between engineering and architecture. These success stories arouse astonished yet cheerful acknowledgment from spectators high and low of their mastery and excellence in the department. Continuing with this innovative streak, the country has come up with a yet another attraction that has no match in the world - the Dubai Frame.

    The Dubai Frame, a gigantic frame, is a rectangular frame, which is 150 metres in height and 93 metres in width. It is strategically positioned in the Zabeel Park to provide unobstructed views to the denizens of both old and new Dubai. The two towers of the frame are connected by a bridge that is 100 square metres long and offers a 360-degree view. It has been designed by the world-renowned architect Fernando Donis.

    The mammoth frame has a museum in its ground floor. The museum will take the visitors through the chronologically revolutionary transformation that Dubai has had, which is from being an erstwhile fishing village to the futuristic society that it has evolved into today.

    It is touted to emerge as the biggest attraction in Dubai for the tourists and was opened to public exhibition on 1st January 2018.

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    Author : Satarupa Hajra