Feel The Hunger Pangs? Follow This Food Trail!

  • Feel The Hunger Pangs? Follow This Food Trail

    “There is no sincere love, than the love of food”

    - George Bernard Shaw

    That’s a statement we can all unanimously vouch for. Yes, agreed that travelling is all about the cultural exposure, the people we meet, the sights we see, but it is also a lot about food. So today, we’re going to take you on a 6-course dinner journey through the different states of India. A food path chalked out, specially for the foodie in you. You’re about to be spoilt for choice, because after all, this is India!

    Warning: Don’t read this on an empty stomach, you might find it hard to resist.

    Course 1 : Appetizer

    Momos from Dehradun - Mussoorie and Uttarakhand or Shami Kebab from Uttar Pradesh

    Momos and Shami Kebab

    The first course is generally something small and refreshing, for which momos and Shami Kebabs are perfect. If you’ve been to north-east India, you know how big a deal momos are; and just how tasty they can be. The Shami Kebabs are smooth and silky with finely chopped onions, chillies and garlic to add some spice. A dish famously found in the north.

    Course 2 : Soup

    Khaman Asinba Kangshoi from Manipur

      Khaman Asinba Kangshoi, Manipur

    This soupy concoction of aromatic vegetables, coarsely chopped onions, spring onions, topped with a deliciously fried fish, make for the perfect dish to continue on this 6-course meal. One of the most famous dishes, it’s a definite must try when in Manipur.

    Course 3 : Fish or Pasta

    Bhapa Ilish from West Bengal or Masor Tenga from Assam

    Ilish from West Bengal, Masor Tenga from Assam

    Ilish Maach (Hilsa fish) is a famous dish found in West Bengal. Steeped in Mustard sauce and doused in a generous amount of Mustard oil, this dish has some really strong flavours. But fret not, if mustard is not your cup of tea, you can try the Assamese Masor Tenga. Tenga is a souring agent which lends its unique flavour to the dish making it tangy and sour. With a combination of lemon, tomatoes and sour spinach, this dish will have you licking your fingers for good.

    Course 4 : Entrée or Main Course

    Aviyal from Kerala

    Aviyal from Kerela

    What’s better suited for the main course, than a nice healthy dish of Kerala’s aviyal. This vegetarian dish is a combination of various vegetables cooked in coconut oil, curd and seasoned with curry leaves. A sure shot party for your taste buds. So the next time you get your Kerala tour packages and head on to Kerala, make sure to try Aviyal.

    Course 5 : Salads

    Bhutte Ka Kees from Madhya Pradesh

    Bhutte Ka Kees, Madhya Pradesh

    Though it’s not technically a salad, it can pass off for one. A grated sweetcorn dish, don’t be fooled by its soothing yellow appearance, because it’s in fact a very spicy dish. A healthy dish, you need to try this when you find yourself in Madhya Pradesh.

    Course 6 : Dessert

    Malaai Ghewar from Rajasthan or Chiroti from Karnataka

    Malaai Ghewar, Rajasthan and Chiroti, Karnataka

    The best way to end a glorious meal, is on a sweet tooth. Round in shape, made from milk, flour, and pure ghee, Rajasthan’s Malaai Ghewar is the perfect way to end this 6- course meal. But since this is India, a land rich with many options, there’s more. Karnataka’s Chiroti a very prominent delicacy, made from crispy flour topped with powdered sugar also makes for a great dessert.

    Now that you know where you can find what delicacy. Let your gourmet tour begin!

    Author : Sanjana Sule