22 Ultimate guidelines for every traveller

  • Tips for a traveller

    You don’t become a traveller just by going places. You need to be one to the bone. To achieve that you need to be aware of a traveller's do's and don'ts. Here are a few tips that will help you to get travel-ready. Take a look before booking the flight ticket.

    1. The list

    Prepare a list of the items that you will carry. Make subdivisions in the list of items to achieve clarity and specificity.

    2. The documents

    As silly it may sound, but often people while hurrying to reach the airport, tend to forget to carry the important documents. These documents are such as the passport, flight tickets and other documents. Before walking out that door, ensure that all the documents are lying with you.

    3. First-aid travel kit

    Do log it in your mind that a first-aid travel kit is essential. Believe it, you wouldn’t want to go looking hither and yon for a chemist shop for a simple adhesive bandage or an aspirin when in dire need. Also ready the kit tailoring it to your personal health requirements.

    4. Sunscreen

    This is going to be one of your key requirements of daily use. And if you are heading for a beach destination, then the sunscreen should be prioritized on equal par with your passport!

    5. Dry Shampoo

    A saviour to any active traveller. So do invest in one large bottle of it.

    6. Travel insurance

    Make sure that you do have a travel insurance. Especially if you are a frequent or professional traveller, you should place a high premium on it. And do not forget to keep the necessary documents with you.

    7.Cheap transport

    Cheap transport

    Make your travel cheap. So when you journey from one spot to another, make use of the local cheap transport available there - a bicycle or scooter or simply walk the distance off. This way you not only save money but also explore the place intensively.

    8. Photocopies

    As important as the documents themselves are, the photocopies of the important documents are equally important. Keep one copy with a close relation or friend of yours while mail another copy to yourself.

    9. Clothes

    Treat this as a gospel truth - do not take plenty of clothes. Also take fewer bottoms as they can be paired with different tops.

    10. Return gifts

    While travelling, if you are to stop in as a guest at your relative’s, make sure you do get a gift for them. This is a simple etiquette denoting a heart-warming gesture of thankfulness that will be remembered for long.

    11. Suitcases or Travel bags

    Try to not take more than two bags. It will be better if you can get a suitcase or travel bags with wheels resulting into an increased mobility.

    12. Lingua franca

    Learn a few words pertaining to the dialect spoken by the locals of the place you are to travel. You will be grateful especially when you are trying to home in on a specific location, looking for directions or perhaps trying to purchase a souvenir.

    13. Reusable water bottle

    A reusable water bottle with a clip will do great help to you! You can clip it to your bag and thus keep your hands free.

    14. Share important information

    It is important that you share certain details with your close friends or family before you take off. Your lodging details, contact number and boarding details should be shared with them. Also take down the number of the embassy in case your travelling abroad.

    15. Gadgets

    Electronic or gadget items

    Phone, phone charger, headphones, camera, camera charger, power bank, tablets and/or laptops (if necessary), extra batteries - do not forget.

    16. Apps

    Before you step out, do download some of the important apps on your smartphone. Apps related to expense calculation and control, digital payment platform, Google maps, language learning, travel and booking, translator, currency conversion (and a torch, in case your phone does not have an in-built one!) are extremely important. And make the most of your smartphone, remember it is ‘smart’!

    17. Wi-Fi

    Whether you want o research on something or want to upload photos, invariably make the most of the free Wi-Fi, unmistakably available at airport and restaurants.

    18. Cosmetics

    Do not take too many of them. And for those that you sincerely need to tuck into your travel bag, remember to get them in travel-sized and travel-friendly containers.

    19. Eatables


    Carry some light yet sustainable food in your bag just in case.

    20. Miscellaneous

    A mosquito repellent, a deodorant, a cap, an extra pair of shoes.

    21. Money

    Currency notes and plastic money both are quintessentially important. But hark it, put your purse or wallet inside a bag while rambling about!

    22. Airport dress code

    Make sure to wear comfy clothes and a pair of easy slip-on shoes. This will ease off the unpreventable discomfort that is inherent to a long and exhausting flight. Moreover, it will also make the airport checking procedure easy and quick for you.

    Author : Satarupa Hajra