How about an Amazon adventure

  • Indigenous Man, Amazon JungleThe Wilderness holds answers to more questions than we have yet learned to ask ~ Nancy Wynne Newhall.

    Do you feel a special connect with the woods? Is the Jungle Book one of your favourite movies? Does wildlife fascinate you? If all your answers are yes - we suggest you satiate your wild and wandering soul by taking a trip to the Amazon. Spread across Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest attracts adventure enthusiasts, thrill-seekers and photographers from across the globe. On your holiday to this place, you can take the Amazon River cruise, indulge in a hike into the rainforest, watch pink dolphins play, and enjoy a luxuriant stay in the Amazon lodges.

    Here are some of the pictures of the Amazon rainforest that will urge you to book your flight tickets right away.

    1. A sloth uses its long claws to hang onto the branches

    Happy sloth, Amazon2. Squirrel monkeys can quickly identify fruits among dense vegetation

    Squirrel Monkeys in Amazon rainforest3. Heart shaped Lotus leaf exuding peace

    Heart shape Lotus leaf, Amazon rainforest4. White-faced Saki Monkey can leap up to 30 feet between tree branches

    White-faced Saki Monkey, Amazon5. A poison dart frog stores venom within its skin

    Poison dart frog, Amazon rainforest6. Indigenous man canoeing on the river

    Indigenous Man, Amazon Jungle7. Emerald Tree Boa rests during the day and hunts at night

    Emerald boa constrictor, Amazon

    Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur