Biggest crocodile sanctuary in India has reptiles for adoption

  • Madras Crocodile Bank

    The popular Madras Crocodile Bank turns 40 in 2016. With the aim to conserve the three endangered species of crocodiles - the saltwater crocodile, the gharial and the mugger crocodile, Romulus Whitaker founded this centre for herpetology in 1976. With no exception, every traveller who visits Chennai stops by, at this reptile zoo. Read on to know what’s special about this CrocBank.

    Ticket Counter, Madras Crocodile Bank

    1. Spread over 8.5 acres of land, people flock here to see the different species of crocodiles. 

    Crocodiles, Madras Bank

    Currently, this park houses approximately 14 species of crocodiles that include African slender-snouted crocodile, Australian fresh-water crocodile, Dwarf caiman, Nile crocodile, West-African dwarf crocodile, American alligator, Mugger or marsh crocodile, Saltwater crocodile, Gharial etc. You will see them either soaking in the sun, sleeping or strolling around in their space. While clicking their pictures, maintain safe distance.

    2. The giant tortoise is not at all camera-shy, it will pose for you

    Tortoise, Crocodile Bank

    This wildlife park is an ideal place to hangout with your family and friends. It is home to around 10 species of turtles namely Crowned river turtle, Aldabra giant tortoise, Indian soft shelled turtle, Red-crowned roof turtle etc.

    3. For snake lovers, you can witness the snake venom extraction show

    Snake Venom Extraction Show, Crocodile Bank

    This zoo houses various species of snakes which are kept in glass boxes. They include Indian rock python, Reticulated python, Spectacled cobra and Green anaconda. You can also check out the enthralling venom extraction show.

    4. Indulge in bird watching, it's a breeding centre for beautiful water birds

    Bird, Madras Crocodile Bank

    You can spot birds here, enjoying in their natural habitat.

    5. Not just reptiles and birds, this park is home to medicinal plants as well

    Medicinal plants, Crocodile Bank

    Green is good for the eyes. So, when you’re done seeing the crocodiles, take a look at some of the medicinal plants out here.

    6. You can adopt a reptile and play a vital role in the wildlife conservation

    Madras Crocodile Bank, Centre for Herpetology

    Would love to adopt one but can’t take them home? No worries, you can pick your favourite for adoption while your baby stays here. You will receive coloured photograph of your adopted reptile, certificate of adoption, 1 year complimentary pass for 4 members to the Croc Bank, Facebook shout out to thank you, MCBT T-Shirt and regular updates.

    7. Shop at the Croc-Shop

    Croc shop

    Well, no holiday is complete without shopping. You can buy crocodile toys for your kids or T-shirts with crocodile pictures on them.

    8. Don’t plan to visit this park on a Monday

    Crocodile bank ticket

    It is closed on Monday. On other days, you can be here between 8:30am and 05:30pm. Entry Tickets: Adult: Rs.40, Children (below 10 years): Rs 20

    How to reach Madras Crocodile Bank

    By flight: Nearest Airport, Chennai

    By train: Nearest railway station, Chengalpattu

    By road: Drive towards Mahabalipuram on the East Coast Road. Approximate distance between the Crocodile Bank and Mahabalipuram is 14 kms.

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