India’s Passport Power 

Ranking has improved in 2019

    India’s Passport Power Ranking has improved in 2019

    For the second time in a row, UAE ranks as the most powerful passport in the world. The UAE passport has visa-free access to 173 countries around the world making it the most powerful passport in the world.

    The Passport Index, a real-time global ranking portal, ranks passports around the world based on their visa-free score. With 26 countries allowing visa-free entry to Indian passport holders and 40 countries allowing visa on arrival, India’s ranking in 2019 has improved as compared to 2015.

    In 2019, India ranks 70th on the Global Passport Index, and 80th on the Henley & Partners Passport Index. 

    International travel is now a hassle-free experience for Indians citizens as several countries have simplified their visa processes with facilities like online visa application. If you are planning a holiday this year, you can select destinations based on their visa-on-arrival facility or opt for the ones that have a simple visa online application process like Dubai visa, Singapore Visa or Malaysia visa.

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    India’s Passport Index Ranking

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