Ishigaki Island Trending holiday destination for the year

  • Ishigaki Island

    The import, buried deep within, of the term ‘Travel’ can honestly be deciphered by leaving home for a faraway island. This island should be of a certain nature - unheard for most, uncharted clearly, and must have had veritably very limited tourist interactions. From these situations what one may achieve is a sense of blessed unconnectedness from the rest of the world; from the regular, ordinary living; and from an arduously testing life. This 'unconnectedness' is profiting to one’s otherwise exhaustively busy self. One such island where reclamation of some of the lost tranquility of human existence is feasible, is the Ishigaki Island.

    This much lesser-known island in Japan is one place where bothersome city life cannot plague you. It is a rather tiny island in the southwestern Okinawa Prefecture. And within its small geographical space thrives a smaller civilisation of around 50,000 people.

    The Ishigaki Island is unambiguously one of the new and exciting finds. The island has beaches that were scantly trodden upon by roaming strollers. There is a long line of luxuriant and thick mangrove forests growing around. The place is also endowed with multiple world-class diving spots, making some label Ishigaki Island as one of the top 'destinations on the rise'.

    It's time to revisit you holiday bucket list. Isn't it?

    Author : Satarupa Hajra