Lembeh Strait: Treasure trove of marine life

  • Magical Hypselodoris CoupleNestled in Indonesia, the Lembeh Strait is a favourite among divers and underwater photographers. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, plan your next holiday to Indonesia and get transported to a wonderful world filled with fascinating and colourful marine species. This strait is home to a unique ecosystem which includes mimic octopus, nudibranch, mandarinfish, peacock mantis shrimp, magical hypselodoris, tunicate, coconut octopus, miniscule pygmy seahorse and many more.

    Miniscule pygmy seahorse

    Miniscule pygmy seahorseCoconut octopus

    Coconut OctopusMandarinfish

    MandarinfishCollection of Tunicates

    TunicatesPeacock mantis shrimp

    Peacock mantis shrimpSea slug

    Sea SlugMagical Hypselodoris couple

    Magical Hypselodoris coupleMimic octopus

    Mimic octopusHow to reach here

    By flight: Sam Ratulangi International Airport aka Manado International Airport.

    Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur