Did anyone tell you that there is another India in the world

  • Little India around the world

    Yes, it is true, and that India is known as a 'Little India'. Hence arises the question - What is a ‘Little India’?

    A ‘Little India’ is an area that is inhabited by a higher concentration of Indian population. Such a Little India exists in different parts of the world today and the number is only going up.

    A Little India is a small-scale manifestation of the country India, its people and its unique socio-cultural diversity. Owing to an ever-growing Indian diaspora in these places, the act of establishing this ethnic enclave becomes an obvious offshoot around the world. From restaurants to offices, from shops to residential complexes, a 'Little India' has answers to the requirements of every member of the Indian diaspora.

    Here is an illustrative account of 5 such ‘Little India’-s thriving in several parts of the world. They are self-sufficient and beautifully representative of the country that India is. Make it a priority to explore these when you fly to these countries.

    1. France


    In the Gare du Nord region of Paris there is a beautiful settlement of Indians. It will look like a mini-India to anyone. Made of a paltry Indian population you will come across a motley of Indian-language speakers here. The predominant dialects spoken here are Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Urdu.

    2. Germany


    Even Germany has witnessed a considerable increase in the size of the Indian diaspora. In Frankfurt, Germany, there is a sizable Indian population that today has resulted into the establishment of ‘Little India’ there. If you ever visit this place, you will be floored to come across the similarities between India and this part of the world that is located far away from India.

    3. Spain


    India is one of the chief communities that contributes to the bulk of the population in Spain. The ‘Little India’ in Spain is located in the capital city of Madrid. The Indian population here is mostly dominated by Sindhis and Sikhs. As a result various Indian festivals are celebrated here.

    4. China


    The ‘Little India’ enclave in China has over the years witnessed a burgeoning of Indian textile industries. There are also small restaurants that are being run by several Indian families that serve its customers Indian dishes. This thriving Indian locality is located in Hong Kong.

    5. South Africa

    South Africa

    The ‘Little India’ enclave in South Africa is located in Durban and it has one of the largest Indian diasporas in the world. The earliest influx of Indian immigrants took place during British rule in India where Indians were shipped off as indentured labours. Today they have assimilated into the native population so much so that there are independent newspapers published targeting just the Indian population such as ‘Post’.