Meet our Feathered Friends, the Ultimate Travellers

  • Feathered Friends

    Have you heard the saying: Become like a bird, expand your wings, learn new things and fly high as you can? If yes, you will surely find these incredible species, inspiring, right?

    Birds are believed to be the descendants of the extinct dinosaurs with feathers. There are approximately 10,000 species of birds in the world. Every species will surprise you with its unique trait or behaviour; cardinals cover themselves in ants to get rid of parasites, ravens can mimic human speech, some ducks sleep with one eye open to protect themselves from predators, hoatzin chicks possess claws on their wings and the bassian thrush flushes out worms by farting.

    If you’re into birding or bird-watching, then scroll down to see photos of our fine feathered friends in their natural habitat.

    1. Resplendent Quetzal in Costa Rica

    Resplendent Quetzal, Costa Rica2. Mallard Duck in Washington

    Mallard Duck, Washington3. Northern Cardinals in North America

    Northern Cardinals, North America4. Purple Sunbird in Rajasthan

    Purple Sunbird, Rajasthan5. Pair of Budgerigars in Australia

    Budgerigars, Australia6. Black Inca Tern in Peru

    Black Inca Tern, Peru7. European robin in Lancashire (UK)

    European robin, UK8. Zebra Finch in Indonesia

    Zebra Finch, Indonesia9. Goldfinch in Europe

    Goldfinch, Europe

    Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur