5 Pictures of gorgeous Cliffs that will take your breath away

  • Amazing cliffs

    A vertical rock exposure, ‘Cliff’ is the result of erosion and weathering. A cliff is mostly formed along coasts, rivers, mountains and escarpments and is weather-resistant.

    The types of rocks that may give way to the formation of a cliff are sandstone, chalk, limestone and dolomite aside from Igneous rocks such as basalt and granite.

    A cliff is an extremely beautiful evolution in the nature. Cliffs from one part of the world differs from another. And what is even more interesting about a cliff is that the appearance of a cliff and its surrounding nature together, takes up distinctly varying appearances at different times of the day.

    Here are pictures of 5 different cliffs from different parts of the world that will stupefy your senses. Take a look at these pictures and decide which do you want to see first before booking your flight ticket.

    1. Preikestolen in Norway


    2. Étretat in France


    3. El Capitan in United States of America

    El Capitan

    4. Mitre Peak in New Zealand

    Mitre Peak

    5. Torres del Paine in Chile

    Torres del Paine

    : Satarupa Hajra