5 Absolutely stunning fountains around the world

  • Beautiful Fountain

    A fountain enhances the beauty of its surrounding space. Since time immemorial, fountains have intrigued the ablest of architects to design beautiful fountains. Examples of such fountains, large and well designed, are found built in different parts of the world. Taking a cue from the history of fountains, here are 5 absolutely stunning fountains that have successfully withstood the test of time.

    1. Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, United States

    Buckingham Fountain

    2. Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park, Sydney

    Archibald Fountain

    3. Magic Fountain in Barcelona, Spain

    Magic Fountain

    4. Friendship of Nations Fountain in Moscow, Russia

    Friendship of Nations Fountain

    5. Fountain of Wealth in Singapore

    Fountain of Wealth

    To see all these fountains all you need to do is book a flight ticket to your destination.

    Author : Satarupa Hajra